need some help please

I came off the pill a week and a half ago. Had my bleed hich finished on the 5 days later.
I have been having pains which I think are ovulation pains, is it possible to ovulate this soon after coming off the pill?
I would technically be on cycle day 12 but obv I have no idea what a cycle would be for me yet, as I haven't had my AF yet.

Any help would be great

Merry Christmas!!!


  • Hi hun

    you count your cycle days from first day of withdrawal bleed and hope for the best
    OV can be as early as cd6 so you might be OVing.

    Good luck and happy Christmas
  • Hay hun u can OV from CD6 so u never know image Hoe cool Ov at xmas proper Xmas baby :lol:
    Good Luck gems x

    Merry Christmas x ??????? x
  • Hi hun, when I came off the pill I counted the first day of my withdrawal bleed as cd1, I had ov pains from day 12 and (using the ov tests) I ov'd day 14/15 so it could be similiar to what's happening to you.

    Good luck xx
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