OMG - Did a test and guess what.....

I got my BFP!! Can't believe it, Im so delighted, but nervous all the same as I had a mc (blighted ovum) in February, so need lots of stick baby dust.

For all those symptoms spotters in you, I didn't really think I was pg. The only clue I had was that I had brown cm since cd22, and in the last couple of days, I have felt a heaviness in the stomach and last nite I was really bloated. I did feel slightly nausea after OV and then nothing. I still am enjoying my food, in fact have more hungry last 2 days, but haven't wanted to run to toilet to be sick.
Re tiredness - I was really tired dpo4 and dpo11, but haven;t felt like going to bed early cos I am tired.
Re cramps/af feelings - I felt these last week but they weren't intense. I did get the occasional jabbing and stitch like feeling as well.
Re cm - last nite, I felt like fluid was trickling down and noticed my towel was a bit wetter than normal. Before brown stuff on cd22, cm was normal - bitty and sticky.
[email protected]@Bs -were sensitve after ov, but they feel okay just now, nothing different. Not sure if I had a sore feelilng in one of them last nite in bed, and they looked quite firm last nite, but thats all.

I have a few questions for you too:-
to calculate my due date - do I base it on very first day of last period (whether it was brown or red) or should I base it on the red day?
Am I ok to continue doing moderate exercise?

thanks for all your support ladies in the forum and I hope you will all be joining me in the pregnancy forum, but I hope to stick around here for a while until I know for sure everything is okay.



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