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faint blue line on clearblue

Hi Claire where it is 4 days before your period it will be faint but a line is a line, I have always found clearblue have been the best, and I tested early on mine and was very faint but was pregnant. I think a congratulations are in order. Well done xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • thanks i am a little scared after last time .i think i might retest in the morning as id had lots of tea and id only been to the loo an hour and a half before.
  • have u been trying for long i done one two days b4 i got my faint line and that one was neg it is all to do with the levels in your body congrats
  • not really,2 months since the misc,hopefully baby no 4,fingers crossed thanks
  • sorry i did not know well loks like number 4 whats your partner saying how old r u im 20 and num 3 due on 2 july
  • i always found clear blue very accurate too. Also had very faint line early on with my first pregnancy. Congratulations.
  • Hi claire01,a lines a line faint or not! i had that when i tested early when i was pregnant with my then i bought the digital 1.(pregnant/not pregnant)and that confirmed it.sounds like u r so huge congrats 2 u.look after yourself x x x
  • i have always had really faint lines in all my pregnancys and always been pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi Claire, I tested on Christmas day (4 days before af due) and it was a really faint line. Unfortunatley I only had one test, as I do them so bloody frequently so had to wait until we'd been visiting and the day after boxing day to do another. That wass also faint - but I'm now nine weeks pregnant!!!! If you use the digital ones, there is no mistaking. Good luck xxxx
  • hi
    i just made a test two weeks ago and there was a faint line to see so my doctor said i got to come back a week later so i did and then i made the test again and iam 100% Pregnant i dont know how far iam now but hubby and myself think that iam 4 weeks pregnant now but i will keep you updated.

    iam so happy and hubby too.

    love eve xxx
  • Hi Claire, you must be, even if it's really faint, it's there. For the first few weeks I was obsessed with pregnant tests and even when I was getting a dark line, I still couldn't resist - saddo. I would definately get a digital one if you can. Wee in the morning and save it until you get the new test, then maybe that will put your mind at ease. xxx
  • hI claire01,iagree,u should try and get a clearblue digital test.they are so fab.there's no doubt with those ones! Best of luck 2 u.Got my fingers crossed for u x x
  • I bought the digital ones and did my first test on the same day as due, you don't even need a watch as the egg timer flashes until you get your reading, it couldn't be simplier, I skipped lunch to get the extra cash needed to buy the test, and when it came back positive, my hubby bought me a take away tea to celebrate. Good Luck Sandy

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  • well i did a digital and it said no but i didnt use first morning wee and im not due untill tues could it be wrong.i think i might test again on sunday or monday any advice claire
  • i dint do test in mornin, i did it nearly nyt time. n i tuk it 1day b4 due xx
  • i am 4 days before due and it claims that it can pick 51 per cent of cases but what about the other 49 per cent.i also pulled it apart{sad very sad} and it had 2 blue lines what does this mean claire
  • I used clear blue 4 days b4 and it was -ve which meant that i was in the other 49% of people who were actually pregnant but it didnt register. it didnt go +ve till the day i was due. if you have two blue lines i reckon its a congratulations!
  • doublebubble was it a digital
  • don t tell me you opened yours up to see the strip with the lines on it as well claire
  • i did! being desperate for a baby makes you do crazy things! I also drank a pint of milk a day, put a cushion under my bum and put my legs up against the wall everytime we had sex, and stayed like that for 30 mins!
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