Please stop me

Ok I am on my 2ww due my AF (i think) on the 30th of this month and i am starting to get excited and looking out for signs.

I know i should not and it may mean nothing, last night I had the most restless sleep ever. I had small pains in my belly just above my pubic bone and actually had to get up to wee and I never do that I just felt like my belly was heavy and full. I had small pains in my boobs as well and this morning had a weird feeling in my left nipple.

It was like a throbbing feeling though but not painful at all more annoying. My boobs have started to get a little sore at the sides now though they do get like this when i am due on and my nipples are still very sore. For the last three days I have woken up with a running nose as well.

I know they all mean nothing but I have been getting excited and I really nee to stop. I am only like 5 or 6 DPO so I should not really be feeling anything at all even if i am?



  • STOP!!!!!!!!!!!! I had convinced myself that I was with 'symptoms' until af arrived on monday! I dont know how you stop though because I couldnt!!! Good luck and hope these signs do lead to a bfp for you!!!xxx
  • Stop it!
    You are definitely symptom spotting if you have included a runny nose in your pg symptoms! image
  • ha ha ha its true though I read it yesterday as i looked it up and running nose is one of them, something about it being the same as a lot of cm or something.

    I know i am not and I need to just chill out a bit but I can't help thinking what if i am. It's more the boobs that are making me think this though in sating that it could be the pill I have just come off and this is why my nipples are sore and also my left one feels funny. The pains could be AF getting ready image

  • k-lou STOP IT and get back to our post, stop straying!!!!!!!!!!
    LOL runny nose its prob hayfever x
  • I know i know I need to just stop!
    If i did OV last friday does that mean i do not count that as a day so it would be today being the 5dpo or do you include the friday? as I had pains wwed thursday and friday but a tidy bit if at all of EWCM on the friday?

    k XXX
  • start with sat being 1dpo then so on......
    Ive done that before, i let oh know what symptoms im en he gets his hopes up thinking im pg then af arrives and were both confused and more disappointed. Thats why i dont symptom spot anymore, i can no longer bare the disappointment. I may still do it occassionally but I try to pin it on something else. for instance feeling sick, if im feeling tired as well then i put it down to not having enough sleep as that mkaes me feel sick usually.
  • Thats a good way to look at it. I guess I don;t get these feelings before but for me I was telling OH this morning that this could be all because I have coem off the pill and this will be my first natural bleed so thats why it could be happening.

    It's soo hard not to though you get all excited inside and then have a go at yourself for doing so. i have already told myself i am not i know i am not but you just can't help it image

    ITS THE LAW!!!!!!!!
  • ha ha ha (walks out with hands up)

    I have not tested way too early and wont test now will 14 dpoimage

    How are you doing hun?

  • Im still hanging in there hun. Got blood test again on 28th to see if I am pregnant from march lol. Hows you?
  • The wait is a killer eh?? I will have all my fingers and toes crossed for you image

    I am ok thanks been feeling rubbish the last few days but feel great today with lots of energy image I finally had a good night sleep last night so I think that helped. i am on my 2ww now about 6DPO.

  • I think we should hide in the cupboard hee hee
  • I am with ya!!

  • K-Lou, stop it!! lol!! AF due the 30th for me too, and I am trying my best to ignore absolutely everything AND I am not even going to test until/if AF is late, I can't torture myself with anything else, so just going to forget we are ttc!
  • HA HA HA have you had any signs at all?

  • K-lou you are a bad influence!!!!

    .......have had mega tingly boobs and nipples (said in very quiet voice)
  • hee hee I tryimage

    now when you say tingly is it like little pains? I had little pains in my mine yesterday though its gone now, they just felt funny though i have very sore an cracked nips at the mo? image Af is on her way I can feel it.

  • Not pains, just like electrified almost, not sure. A little tender if I'm not wearing a bra too.
  • Yeah mine was the same though only lasted for one day? We can only wait and see nowimage

    K xx
  • K-Lou your a bad influence!!! i spotted u over in pregnancy forum!!!!!!! stop symptom spotting quite so much honey, you'll drive yourself mad. and PMA please lady xxxx
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