Cheapy opks ladies.......

.......yay or nay? lol

Sooo not gonna spend what I did on pee sticks this time round again!!



  • I'm using some cheapies from amazon & I got a very faint line tonight which fits in with my cycle &LP. To be honest I've never used the FR or CB digital ones, I just went straight for cheapies & they seem to be working fine for me. x
  • most people i no using them have not problem with then and there a great price for the amount thats used

    its the preg tests that are a bit dodgy i think xx
  • Is it the 'One step' ones you're all using?
  • before i got my cbfm i just bought some from ebay,im sure one of the other ladies will tell you chick ones their using x sorry im no help x
  • Hi pet, I got mine from Amazon, here's the link.

    the only slightly fiddly bit is that you have to wee in a pot and then leave it for 20min to get to room temperature before you dip the stick in it. They're excellent value for money though.

    Good luck, sending you plenty of baby dust! xx
  • Hi,

    I used the Amazon ones too with no problem. I don't think the lines always go really dark, but if I got a line, it did correspond to when I was ov-ing (I never left it to got to room temperature though - that's maybe why).

    I also used Amazon hpt's and they gave me a bfp at 10dpo and then got darker as the days went on. I loved them as they were really cheap so it didn't matter if I got a bit poas obsessed! I 'borrowed' :roll: some of the plastic cups from the water cooler at work to pee into so always had a clean supply. Also, I when I tested using them I never expected a bfp as they were cheapies, so was never dissapointed when they were, unlike when I used a 'proper' branded one!

  • Thank you for your help ladies.

    Hopefully this month my bank balance won't take such a battering! (between the opk's & hpt's I spent over ??60 image may as well have got me a CBFM!)

  • Hey - I use Amazon ones too. You can get different say you order the less sensitive ones but don't appear to get a 'strong' dark 2nd month switch to the medium/higher strength one and your line will be much more easier to see.
    I think I originally used the 30miu ones and now use the 20miu and the lines are fab.....
    I would highly nice to know you are OVing and when....

    PP84 x

    p.s. it does say something about getting to room temp but i've ignored that for the past 3mths and never effected my result...but thats just me image too bloody impatient x
  • Thank you ladies -

    I've ordered some - got the 20miu ones (and some pregnancy tests while I was at it :lol: )

    Oh and I got me one of those thermometers too - something else to obsess about image

    If we have no luck this month hubby has said he's going to get me a CBFM to play with.

    Who knew POAS could be so much fun! :lol:

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  • POAS is fun and highly addictive image) x x
  • POAS is fun and highly addictive image) x x

    They should print warning's on the pack like they do with fags! image
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