No AF CD33 of a 28day cycle? Confused!

Hi ladies,

Just wondering if anyone can help me. I have regular cycles all 28 days for the past year (came of min pill July 08) and am now on CD 32 with no sign of AF. I did a superdrug test on Sat morning CD30 but BFN. I felt like AF would arrive any day for over a week before but didn't have my usual achey boobs though did have on and off cramps. My hair has become ridiculously greasy in the last 2 weeks with extreme tierdness to the point that I can hardly keep my eyes open. It's really wierd!

I almost don't want to test again as don't want to see a BFN but at teh same time I feel like I must be, I've never had this before. I also work in a secondary school so the idea of testing on a week day at 6.30am when h2b is still in bed as he works later hours than me is not appealing.

I don't know what to think now. Anyone had anything similar? What did you do? xx


  • Hello, Personally I would test again and if still BFN then go to GP. Symptoms sound so promising. Good luck, hopefully a little shy bean x
  • hey, Im in more or less the same position hun, CD 32 of 28 day cycle tested on Sat night but BFN.

    Sore breasts although this is abit better today and cramps like period pain but nothing!!

    Im going to try and wait another day then test FMU Wednesday!!

    Hope we both have good luck!!

  • hi! i wud defo test in the morning if i were u as i hav heard that sometimes can take a few days after af is due to show up for a bfp. Good luck hope this is it for u image x x
  • JaneJune - I actually have an appointment at the hospital at the fertility clinic this Thurs afternoon to get results of h2b swimmers count so will be asking them if I've had no luck.

    Angelm, I really hope you're right and we both do get the good we really want. Have you had any other symptoms this month? I wasn't ss until Tuesday really when I was getting no sign of AF and the tierdness kicked in. I've had a couple of ulcers on my tongue since the weekend and all last week a funny taste in my mouth. Sorry if TMI but have you had any extra CM in the 2WW?

    Thanks bee, I hope is just that it is a shy bean and I will get a BFP soon xx
  • Just wondering if there is anyone out there who didn't get a BFP til 5 or 6 days after AF was due? I am thinking now after reading some of these posts that if I was going to get one it would have shown up on my day 30 (2 days after AF was due).

    I so want this to be our month!

    Baby dust to all! xx
  • really is sounding good increased cm is common in early pg & throughout.

    Ive not personally had to wait so long for a bfp but ive read stories of plenty of girls who have so its all pretty promising!

    please update us on here when you know either way! the very best of luck.

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