docs results came back today and.........

its a BFN!!!!! but i also did a CB and it is an unmistakale BFP so im still confused can a docs test be wrong????? it was a urine not a blood test i also did superdrugs own brand and got a very faint line any ideas??/ xxxxxxxx


  • I think you need to ask the dr for a blood test hun x
  • it depends on the miu. i think you need a blood test but as im sure you cant wait get a CBD indicator that says Pregnant or Not pregnant, at least you will know then

  • As far as im aware the Gp surgerys use the same tests like the access diagnostic ones or ebay cheapies so only a blood test would confirm if you are still getting BFP on tests x
  • my friend had a neg urine test at the docs, after 3 + hpts and the nurse said the hpts would be correct cos they are better than ones the doc uses! get a CBD and see what that says - oh and my friend is now 8 months gone and is very def pg lol!
  • i think ur both right ive got a school reunion to go to this wkend and was hoping to no 4 sure so i knew whether i could make a fool of myself or not lol xxx
  • thanks ive changed my avatar this is a test i did today wat do u think??? xxx
  • Thats a def BFP!!
    Maybe the docs test was not as sensitive or was done to early?!
    Good Luck!
  • Sometimes the docs use quite weak tests, you could try a cbd and see what comes up.
  • Darling your our new BFP Congrats this has been quite a day!!


    Docs tests are just hpt, and often less sensitive you have a cross and a positive is a positive is a positive x
  • That looks like a definate BFP to me!!
    Congrats xxx
  • thank u my sample was sent off to a lab r their tests still the same as they would do within the docs surgery? xxx
  • the docs just use the same ones as ebay cheapies!
  • that looks like a bfp to me!!
    I'd go back, take the test with you and ask for a blood test, but that's just me.
    otherwise, I'd try a cb digital
  • im defo gonna go bk n if it does turn out im not pg CB will have some answering to do lol xxxx
  • A doctors test didn't show up my BFP a few months back (miscarried for those that did not know) but a FR did show my BFP so I personally think the doctor's tests are useless.
  • sorry to hear that thank u 4 ur advice lots of hugs xxxxxxx
  • Looks like a bfp to me.
    Can you get a cbd so you can see the words?

    21 weeks
  • I'd say that's a BFP hun!!

    I'm did 2 tests that came up with a faint bfp, went to docs they tested and came up bfn!! Got told to do another test in a few days time, did one every day for a few days and bfp everytime. Left it a few weeks to go back to docs and that time came back as BFP.

    So i reckon the doctors tests are rubbish

    kerrie xx
    13weeks today!
  • i agree with rest of the girls - it's a BFP. Get back to your doctors. x
  • thanks 4 all ur replies girls i popped into a chemist yesterday they had no CBDs so i got a FR n that came back BFN so im not 2 sure wats going on i think im better off going docs 4 bloods will keep u all posted and i will try and stop myself POAS as its costing me a fortune lol xxxx
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