period due today!!!

hi girls, as the title say AF is due today this is 12 days past OV. i have been getting faint lines on pregnancy tests since tue :\) which is fab news. me and hubbie have been trying for 5 months now. i thought that since AF was due today i would eventually be getting stronger lines. but this is not the case :cry: lines are still faint. def there but still faint. so im now im worried that this bean wont make it :cry: which i know can still happen. so until i get that strong line i wont be posting BFP just yet/ i have a digital test i was going to use on sun as that is 14 days since OV and i hope it would show 1-2 by then image anyway just wanted to get my fears off my chest and let you all know that im not saying BFP just yet but a small skinny + :\)

so i know there is nothing i can do at this stage apart from keep my fingers crossed. and good luck to everyone else x

edited to say 'Torp' if you read this i am dying to tell you my news but im waiting till its def, i know you'll understand x x

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  • Good luck - I hope everything will be ok x
  • hey hun, a line is a line, you prob wouldnt get a very strong line until you missed your period, my lines were still faint but got a bit darker yesterday, not doin another until tomoro which would be when i have missed af, sending us lots of stickyness! X x x
  • I'm really happy for you Nic, that's fab news. I hope I get a bfp next month x
  • Yey Berly! Fingers crossed VERY tightly for you sweetie Hope she doesnt turn up late! xxx
  • Hope its a shy bean for you berly

    Good luck xx
  • well 2moro i would be officially late so fingers crossed that i get a better line. dying to get excited and feel really happy. but just think its still too early for that x
  • have you done a clear blue digital hun? I got a bfp on one on tuesday! I couldnt wait till tomoro to my last test so have done it this morn cos af was supposed to be today and the line came up straight away and lots darker , like you tho im still worried but its normal to be! Hope your okay hunni! X x x
  • have got a digital but im not using it until sun. as that would be 4 weeks ince last AF. my cycles are usually 26 days and im 12 days past OV just now. did a test this morning (actually did 2) took a good min or 2 before the test lines came up and they are just as faint as yesterdays!
  • Hi Berly

    Fingers crossed hun

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