Legs up...

Ha ha... TMI but I'm lying here on the settee with my legs in the air and wondering how long others stay in this position for?! Hubby thinks I'm daft for asking but just thought I'd put the question out there?!image;\)


  • Oh, probably about 20 mins :lol: and with a cuchion under my hips too :lol:

  • Depend really, sometimes 20-30 mins if I have to get up again. If not I try to go to sleep with a cushion under my bum lol !
  • Half hour with a pillow and a good book! lol! x
  • my OH laughs at me so much when I do it that I probably collapse after 10mins, but sometimes I manage 20
  • I usually only manage 5mins before I get bored x
  • hey, i used to manage around 10 mins but i'd get fed up and it seemed to ruin the mood for me so if i tell the truth - i don't do it anymore but if i get no joy this cycle then i wil make sure i start raising those legs again LOL

  • Half an hour should do it...that's as long as I can stay still!!!
    All sorts we end up doing...lol
  • haha as long as i can manage! then i lie with a pillow under my bum and usually go to sleep like that for a couple of hrs (though obviously not in the middle of the day! lol) xx
  • I try to do it for as long as possible, normally we've been bd'ing last thing at night so hubby has been putting two pillows under my bum afterwards and i've gone to sleep like that, definitely not the most comfortable of positions, he he

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