FAO Snugglenush :D

Hi hun,

How you feeling? spill the beans, what did your hubby say?

Bet you haven't slept a wink hun, you will be so excited!!
What are you up to tonight? My hubby is away and hes not back till next weekend when my af is due so we are going to hopefully test when he gets back :lol:

Not sure I can wait for him tho lol and I must confess I POAS this morning - just incase and BFN but I think I am only 6/7 DPO.............confused as to what day I ov!!!



  • Hey SD
    Well still doesn't feel real to be honest - and i wont really be convinced at all until i see that dark line or my CBD! Feeling a bit bloaty today image

    Well wht did hubby say? Funny story actually lol!! He came home pissed as a fart!!!!!!!Had no idea what i was telling him really. Didn't really take it all in at all.
    Has text me today asking if i was pregnant or not? i said i think i am. He said he was really excited and can't wait to get home to me and our little egg. He still at work now image Not sure what time he be home but he off all weekend!
    Will keep you updated!!
    You also have to keep me updated!!! Let me know when you get any symptoms - would be ACE if we both got our BFPs!
    Good luck sweety
  • Hi hun,

    Aw thats so cute your hubby saying he would run home to you and your little egg hun, we are going to nickname our bump 'button' as hubby always calls me his button or butts!! LOL.

    I will keep you updated I have had symptoms all week felt sick every day and hot constant temperature, windy bits today I had a bit of a stabbing pain in my lady garden.

    I really hope I get our BFP but am SUPER CHUFFED for you and your hubby.

    When are you going to do a CB digi, today I bought 2 packs of SD cheapies for ??8 and bought a pack of CB Digi tests too.

    I have seen these cute babygros in NEXT with I love Mummy and then one with I love Daddy on so I plan to buy the I love Daddy one and give it to hubby with my POAS.

    I really hope we have done it this month as hubby is going to be working away for 2 weeks at a time and going to make BDing impossible!!

    Have you told your friend yet? Bet she is over the moon and you can both be bump buddies xx
  • Hi hun

    Wanted to ask you a few questions if you dont mind?

    First - are you or do you get stressed out, worked up? I have a stressful job and home life and least little thing I get fired up over - am worried incase this will prevent me having a baby.

    Also 2nd was your ad due 25th then instead of 30th?

    3rd - When do you think I should test again am frightened incase its all in my head like last month.

    I got a pos OPK last thur and then one on sat but didnt pin point ov I noticed I had stretchy ewcm on mon i think cos I checked inside my cervix.

    Im just not very good with all this and its beginning to do my head in and people say if my body is stressed it will reject the baby but wont th egg already be fertilised??

    Anyway thanks for reading

    A very confused SD xx
  • Hey SD!

    Number 1 - Firstly, this month actually has probably been my most stressful month at work (I am a teacher which i am sure people dun think is stressful but i have two behaviour children that have been a constant stress since coming back from xmas - swearing, kickign walls, throwing stuff etc.) But they do say stress can affect conception so maybe you need to find something that relaxes you. On the other hand, i know everyone says it but i was much more relaxed this month with ttc. Wasn't quite as hung up on SS etc.

    Number 2 - Well I OVd early (no idea why!) so I presume I am now due Monday as that would be 14dpo. Not sure whats going on tho lol. I am hoping i will never know when AF due this month haha.

    Number 3 - How many dpo are you again? I would still say now try and wait as close to AF as poss - cos I am terrified that I am going to have a chemical preg and if i hadn't have tested so early i would never have known!!

    How many months you been trying now? I'm no expert but I am going to say what everyone says and i know you will hate! Just try and relax a little bit with regards to the baby thing. As awful as it sounds it will happen when it is the right time. I actually hate myself for saying it lol!

    Please don't worry - you'll be getting your BFp very soon!
  • Hiya hun,

    Hard to believe me I know but this month I was more relaxed until 3/4 dpo when I started feeling sick every morning, boobs sore and was getting symptoms if there was no symptoms then I prob wouldnt have gone into overdrive again hun.

    I think my af is due 30th so am going to try and refrain from testing until af shows.???? Am also not going to come back on here until I know either way.

    Only month 2 but BD like friggin rabbits this month so defo in with a good chance.

    Still having crampy feeling in stomach but am worried it could be an early af.

    I was going to have a spa day soon but am worried incase I am preg so am just going to try and focus on other things and it will happen when it happens.

    If not this month then there wont be much chance with hubby only coming home evry other weekend so we will prob stop trying as much until we come back off hol in June.

    Its the not knowing that kills me ha ha!!
  • I realyl do wish you the best of luck hun!
    Got everything crossed for you.
    My hubby was gonna book me a spa day - but i told him to put the money in to the baby fund cos i didn't wanna risk having a massage really. Gutted i was looking forward to it! LOL.
  • Yey baby fund lol!!

    We have a terimundi pot am going to start putting pound coins in it, not really saving at the moment as paying things off from wedding etc but hopefully we will be in a better position by time I get a bump!!

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