CLOMID - Any ideas welcome!

Hi all, I haven't been on here 4 a while, (trying 2 stay away!).
After 14 months of trying, no AFs, not ovulating at all and being diagnosed with mild PCOS i have started a course of Clomid and follicle tracking scans. Am on 100mg Clomid and today is day 11 for me so had my follicle tracking scan this morning. However Dr told me that my follicles haven't grown at all so no sign of ovulation occuring. He will scan me again on Fri this week.
Feel so deflated, really thought the scan would show things are happening.

I did have a course of 50mg Clomid in Dec last year but no scans. I had a 35 day cycle then and guess i must've ovulated as had an AF then. This has made me a bit more hopeful something may show on Fri.

Has anyone else been on Clomid? And did it work straight away for you?
Sorry 2 ask so many questions, but just feel that nothing seems to work and it is taking ages. Everyone else seems 2 get pregnant!!

Thanks for any replies ladies, there is no one else i can really ask about this.


  • Didn't want to r+r - can't answer your questions, but sure someone on here can. Good luck - so frustrating when no BFP but no AF either x
  • Hey dreamer
    Have never taken clomid as we will have to go straight to IVF - I was hoping to

    However it should stimulate ovulation 5 to 8 days after the course.. not sure where you are as there are different protocols

    100mg is the maximum does and you would only have 3 cycles of that.

    However I hope this is reassuring some woman don't respond to clomid but they can prescribe hormones to induce ovulation in that case

    Hope this helps?
  • Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for your replies.
    The Dr told me that the dose of Clomid went up to 250mg, and i could have it for 6 months! So am a bit confused now!
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