Just wondering how many days after ov does implantation take place ? I know there are previous posts but my computer is too slow to look back :lol:


  • i think 5-10 days.
  • I have another question!

    Did anyone have implantion pain? If so what did it feel like, sharp, dull? I'm 8dpo, and have got dull right sided pain today.

    I'm not due af until Sunday, but came off pill end of March, so cycle could still be unpredictable.

    I have had dull af type pain since ov, with occassional sharp pains on the right. Which is the same side I ov'd from. Last night really felt like af, but she hasn't turned up. I've never had warning before af arrives with pain, which is why I'm so confused. Did cheapy pg test today, and bfn. But could still be too early.

    Anyone got any ideas? Any input appreciated! xx
  • Sorry mithical I cant help as im unsure if i experienced it when pg.

    I have a book that says implantation takes place about 5 to 7 dpo then about 13days for it to implant firmly into lining of the uterus. x
  • Mithical, maybe we can partner up as Im also due this weekend, well Friday.

    Not sure if my symptoms are any good to you.

    According to my diary, I have had some brown cm/blood for 4 days now. On Saturday(CD22), I had some mid/intense af cramps plus a jabbing pain, Sunday, had slight af cramps in morning and a stitch feeling at night, yesterday some twinges in morning and a jabbing pain at night, and today (cd 25) slight af feelings when I got up, but no symptons after that.
  • sounds promising sevans - good luck x
  • sevans, sounds promising, I'll keep my fingers crossed for both of us!

    I was expecting brown cm if I am having implantation pains, but I guess it doesn't happen to everyone.

    I have had a few more twinges, and can only describe it as being aware of my lower abdomen! xx
  • Mithical and Sevans - I ov CD18 and just looking at my notes had pains (start dull to stich like) low down and to the side CD24 to CD27 (so 6dpo to 9dpo) and got my BFP 10dpo. I tested at 8dpo and got -ve so still to early Mithical. Don't want to get your hopes up but both your signs look good and I really hope you get your BFP - will be watching .....
  • i believe most sites quote 6-12 with some saying as early as 4dpo. I got my bfp nice and clear on a cbd at 8dpo so must have implanted at earlier end of scale.
    Had dull ache in left side for few minutes at 4dpo but nothing else, no bleeding or cramps til after bfp around 16dpo.
    Good luck ladies and fingers crossed
    Filo x
  • Thanks mugwia and filo.

    sevans have a thread called 2ww, who's with me? A few of us due to test soon.

    Fingers and toes crossed now!! xx
  • Im so scared af is gonna come. Still got light brown blood today (hasn't been on pants so far).
    How do you feel Mithical? Thanks for the other thread - will have a look for this.
  • My PMA has taken a plummet! I'm scared af is going to show too. Going to perhaps try to focus on other things, and check this site less times a day. Don't think the obssession is helping!

    Light brown spotting can also mean implantation, but I got it before my last af as well. So your guess is as good as mine.

    Still have my fingers crossed. xx
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