I feel i need to take a break from BE for a while as i feel i eat breathe and sleep ttc at the mo and i dont think its good for me. thank you all for your kind words and advice and hopefully ill be back soon xx


  • Argh clarkie, we all need a break from time to time to get a hold of life. Hope you have a relaxing time away from us and come back with a BFP really soon. Don't stay away to long. Sxx
  • hi clarkie, perfectly understandable (although i can't resist logging on lol!)

    good luck and i hope you come back soon with a bfp xxx
  • hi hun. ive just read you other post sorry to hear your feeling so bad. maybe good to chill out for a while. our bodies are so cruel to us playing tricks on our minds. hope you come back soon.xxxx
  • hope you have a nice break and come back with that bfp. good luck x
  • A break can do you the world of good. Hopefully you'll be back with a bfp! xx
  • aww hunnii sorry to hear that, hope you find your BFP xx im still waiting for mine or AF!!!!!!!!! X
  • Think you're doing the right thing taking a break. I think I might do the same if things don't work out this month. Hopefully see you back soon with a bpf though.

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