In Limbo

Today is 3 whole days late. Have had strange af like cramps for nearly a week now. I'm feeling sick and my sense of smell seems really heightend. Tested two days ago and today on clearblue digital BFN! ARGHHHHHHHHHH :?


  • oh no, what a pain in the A**... I know it is not what you want to hear but it is not over yet even if you haven't got a BFP to show up - if you have only just had the ovum implant then it could be a few days more before you get enough HCG for it to register.... there have been friends of mine that didn't get a BFP until they were almost 6 weeks pregnant.

    don't give up yet - it ain't over till the evil af shows her face!!

    Good luck and lots of babydust xx
  • I agree with Jules. I tested on Fri and got BFN then tested on Mon and got BFP. If you implanted late then the hormone level might not yet be high enough to detect.
  • Hope you get you're BFP. xx
  • I am also in Limbo... I finished the pill in March and am still waiting for AF to arrive... I tested last Thursday and am trying to stop myself testing again... Think I will have to just to put my mind at
  • Hi Blondie, the pill has a lot to answer for, but was also very helpful! Obviously it stopped us getting pg, when we didn;t want to....but it appeared to have stopped all aches and twinges for me, apart from af pain!

    Luckily af came on CD 30 for me, but have no idea if this cycle is around the same length at all!

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