Needaquickanswer please !!! :D


I tried to bump up a thread either I posted or replied on someone elses.

Anyway about a week n a half ago I put fmu in a container and went down town to buy some tests (superdrug) I came back and done the test but left it in the container.

Hubby was out and when he came back I was convinced i could see a line but he said it was just a shadow.

Anyway to cut a very long story short and some of you will think i am distgusting I kept all the tests from the last month and I have just looked at that superdrug one again and there is a faint line!!!

This time hubby agrees with me and well I have felt sick all day today and though maybe I would be ov but as of yet I havent had a positive opk.

Could this be why I havent had a pos, am I preg? is this an evap line is so why is it still on the test after week n bit.

It was the Sat before we went back to work when I tested and since I did do a Tesco test and nothing on that but they arent as sensitive..............I have also done a tesco test again tonight and nothing on it so what do you thnk I should do.

Cant believe we have a line, am so excited and hope it wasnt a chemical pregnancy!!!

Oops sorry for breaking BE with my super huge title!! :lol:

Thanks xx

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  • Sorry scrap that it was NYE I tested as I went down town to get a few things from superdrug and bought some tests but had put my pee in a container!! so it was FMU.

  • how long after did u look at ur test? there is a timed limit that u can only look at it otherwise any lines that come up are evaporation lines. this happened to me last year, did test, looked at it n it was a bfn, went back half hour later n there was a faint line, me not havin read the instructions immediately thought i was preg, but ladies on here informed me it was an evaporation line.

    hope urs is a bfp xxx
  • Hi Hannah B,

    Thanks for replying I looked at the test within the time limit first time around and thought I could see a line but hubby said my eyes were playing tricks on me. Anyway I kept it and call it tuition but decided to look at it again and there is a faint line - could this be an evap then or a late bfp?

    Am tres confused now but they say a line is a line and I looked at it after the 3 mins and then again when hubby came home as he was at his brothers house doing diy.

    I remember it must have been NYE or day before as I wanted to test just incase so I didnt drink as it happens I convinced myself I was seeing things and got drunk and enjoyed myself.

    Hubby admits tonight that now he can see a line but it is faint, do evap lines disappear on a test?

    I dont have anymore superdrug ones to use either but done a tesco one but not with fmu and nothing on that.

    Is it possible to get a positive on one brand and not another, I have posted on pregnancy too to see if this has happened to anyone else

  • Hey sweetie, that was a wonderful amount of verbal diarrhoea! I'm hoping it is your bfp, but it sounds horribly like an evap line, they will normally be grey, show after 10 mins (on most tests they have a time when you shouldn't look at it) and will stay on the test.

    Fingers crossed that it is a bfp thou! xxx
  • Hi cass82 it is showing a faint pink line lol I dont know what to believe and wish i had of waited as all this has been going on through my weird 'first month'. I was just so convinced I was pregnant last month and then finally done a test (this one) NYE and then thought I could see a line, however now looking at the test 10-11 days later there is defo a line there.

    Not sure what to do now do I do a test? would I have got a pos on the tesco test even if i didnt use FMU (as tested tonight) and nothing on that!!

  • Ooh, if its pink you could be!? Test in the morning, superdrug ones are supposed to be really sensitive, hope it wasn't a chemical pregnancy hun xxx
  • Hi hun - I only have tesco tests in you would think they would come up positive, how sensitive are tesco ones?

    Am going to get some more superdrug ones tomorrow and then can i pee in a container again and leave it till tomorrow night? or does it not matter if I use fmu or not?


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  • Hi hun, if you did the test on NYE and it was a BFP I would have thought you would be getting more BFPs by now as its 11 days later, although I really hope it is good news for you.

    I had to laugh, your super long title has made the forum all squiff!! :lol:
  • Thanks Magpie it won't let me change my title oops sorry if I broke BE!!

    I havent really tested since then, i think I have done 2 tesco tests and both didnt have a line.......mmm its certainly confusing and I dont know why I looked at it just guess it wasnt my imagination after all and hubby has apologised to me for not believing there was a line there on NYE ha ha!! He said I was seeing things, its a faint pink line now but have ran out of superdrug tests.

    Am going to do another tesco one in the morning with FMU but they are 50miu and not half as sensitive as superdrug and then am going to have to buy some superdrug ones tomorrow.

    If i am preg would it show up without using fmu, or best to use fmu?

  • Hey,

    Im sorry to be the writer of a more negative post but I would think if you got a positive back then, poas anytime of the day should give you a positive now.

    Try not to get your hopes up, and I hope it is good news for you when you test. You could use a tesco test this morning as fmu should give a positive with one.

    Best of luck!

  • Hi,
    Just a thought but your OPK's would be showing a positive too if you were preg. I had a miscarriage / chem preg last month at 5+2 and my OPK's were showing a positive, when incidently tesco pg tests were negative!! I also did supergrug and FR and they were positives. I think at this stage you should be showing a positive on the other tests you've taken also. Has your AF not showed up???
    Good luck, I really do hope you get your BFP XX
  • hi i've read before that u cant save ur urine to test... i have no idea why or what changes... but apparently u cant store it... is that what u mean u did collected it...then came back and tested later on...? or have i miss read?xxx
  • Have you tested again yet!!?!?! keep checking back for updates image))

    PP84 x x
  • SD when I got my BFP hun it was on Superdrug tests. That afternoon and the next morning I did 2 Tesco tests and could barely see a line hun so get back out and buy some Superdrug tests. Thats the only was we will all know. And you know that have that magical babydust :lol: Good luck babe xx
  • Hun,
    If you done that test on NYE then by now you shouldve had another +ve test wether it be a SD or a tesco your hcg doubles every 2-3 days so by now whatever test you use would have something.

    Good luck if your re-testing x

  • Hi Hun,

    I also don't want to pee on your chips but if you got a faint BFP 11 days ago then the tesco one would be positive by now. Superdrug are indeed the most sensitve at 10miu but Tecso are 25 miu not that different baring in mind hcg doubles every few days-even if they are 50 miu it would still be positive as your hcg levels would had doubled a few times in 11 days.
    Have a look at There are some pictures of tests a few days after and evaps after that long after are really common-even ones with colour in. I know how annoying it is, I am the queen of evap lines- I always seem to get them-especially on cheapies. I've had some with colour as well. Obviously I hope I am wrong and your BFP is just round the corner...

    Hope you get your BFP soon hunny:\)

  • Have only ever used Tesco ones so not much help! Have you re-tested today? x
  • Hi all

    Sorry for late reply have been at work and had an emotional day, well I done another tesco test and nothing.

    I just cant get my head around why I have a superdrug with a faint line and also found a FR with a very faint line on these must have been from testing during xmas and NY.

    Maybe I have had a chemical pregnancy.

    Dotty funny you should say that about OPK's i keep getting a line but it isnt as strong as the other line and I would have been due ov around now and no positive as of yet.

    As frustrating as it may be, hubby has convinced me to sit tight..............argh and wait and see if I get my next period due 25-30 Jan as not quite sure.

    We are still BDing every other night but all this relates back to last cycle!! which was very confusing.

    BB - you never know maybe that special baby dust worked but am not going to buy or test now until the end of the month as I am not on my 2ww yet.

  • Hiya hun
    Sorry it may not be the BFP for you this month. Im sure the time limit for looking at a test is like 15mins on most of them, so you dont see the evap lines etc.

    Did you have a period then for your last cycle??? Bit confused, if you think you should be ov again now? If in any doubt a blood test from the Dr will tell you either way.

    H x x x
  • Hi luv

    Im sorry im a little confused as well hun, how many DPO were you when you done the test on NYE?

    If you had a chem pg you probably would've bled by now & it wouldve been similar to your AF just maybe a little heavier & a little later than expected, have you had AF or are you late?

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