Short AF??

Ok, the background bit...

Stopped pill end of March, had withdrawal bleed, this is second natural bleed. Withdrawal bleed was 8 days, first natural bleed was 9 days (with a bit of spotting day before CD 1, not counted.)

This time had spotting late evening Tuesday, Wednesday called CD 1, red af with full cramps and backache (while I was having to concentrate at work...the witch!!) Thursday and Friday, lighter bleeding no pains.

:\?Today absolutely nothing so far??? :\?

So what is all that about? Do you think I have had an af of 3 days? Does it mean anything? Will I start to bleed again later? Help! (Please...) image


  • Well due to the lack of replies...I've decided to post again myself. lol :lol:

    I did bleed yesterday, reasonably lightly. But nothing it appeared overnight again. :\? I an obviously still having af, but it is a lot lighter than last month, and I can't work out why it seems to stop at night?

    Anyway, I'm grateful it's not heavy, if it stops earlier than my last 8 and 9 days, so be it. Just as long as ov happens I'm happy. My luteal phase seems to be about 15 days. xx
  • Hi

    Thought I would reply as I have had this also, I came of the pill in Nov last year and since had very regular AF - 28 days but v.light. probably only lasting 1 day but stop start spotting.

    I went to the doctors and he did a blood test, all my hormones came back ok but I had a slightly raised prolactin level. I think it is the pill though and my body needs to sort it self out.

    The doctor did say that this does not affect your fertility and keep trying - so as you say as long as you ov who cares!!!

    Who would have thought we would be complaining about a short pain free AF!!!

    Good luckx
  • Hi
    I came off the pill in March and then had light bleeding during the day and nothing at night - my last proper period with pain was last week so I think it takes a while for your body to sort itself out. i was on the POP so don't know if it makes a difference. xx
  • Thank you both for your replies. I was just worried this was going to completely mess up, what have been regular cycles since I stopped the pill.

    Nice to know other people have had the same thing.

    You are right mardy, I never thought I'd complain about not having an af, or a change in it! xx
  • My af is only 3 days 4 at most. I was told anything between 3-8 days was normal but I don't know for sure!

  • I am usually 4-5 days including the brown to start and finish with. The shorter the better as far as I'm concerned!!
  • Thanks dappytart. I'm just not used to a short af, and thought it was finishing early. It's still going but a lot lighter than last month. xx
  • Yeah I don't disagree Helen, just unusual for me to be so lucky! lol xx
  • Hope it continues to be shorter for you- less inconvenience and cheaper!! Better yet would be a bfp and no af for ages-though that would be more pricey!!!lol.xx
  • I did say to OH, I would prefer to have none. At least for 9 months!! xx
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