cramps - 1wk before af due?

Anyone else had these? Like period pains but they come and go for the last couple of days! I've never had cramps at this stage in my cycle before. Could this be side effects of the pill still, even though i stopped taking it before xmas?

I keep thinking AF is going to come early this month but then nothing appears


  • Oh I do hope so Keri-Anne! They are like period pains, I don't remember ever getting them with my other two kiddies which is why I wondered if it could be related to the pill, but then i suppose they're all different.

    Fingers crossed for me then image
  • Hi I'm due af in about 4 days and had cramps sun night and yesterday all day. Completely gone now! Really strange as I've never had cramps that early and also they seemed much milder than ones I get just before af. Might be a good sign...
  • hoping good news for us both then MrsC!
  • Hi MrsClareabella, hope you are well ?

    I had period like cramps the day before my BFP, I woke up DH and said we were out for this month but AF never showed for that day or the next and I got my BFP. I still have cramps now and I am 5+3 weeks pregnant, it is a common pregnancy symptom. Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

    Beebee xx
  • Mrsclarabella when are you testing this month? I'm trying so hard to wait til sat when af is due but as this is my 1st month ttc I'm getting too excited... I've been Reading up on symptoms of coming off the pill and cramping is up there, along with all my other symptoms - so trying not to get hopes up!
  • If no af it will be th 4th May to test. I don't usually get cramps this early before af which is why I'm wondering if it can still be pill related or if it's something else. It's our first month of trying too, but have told myself that if I was pg i'd have nausea by now. Will wait and see, a week isn't it?!
  • I had terrible nausea all Sunday night - kept me awake all night! But nothing since then. This ss'ing is a killer isn't it? I'm sure if we get onto a 2nd cycle we'll be a bit more under control!! I'm going to a friend's wedding on sat and would like to know before then so I know if I can have a drink!!
  • I didnt get sickness until 8 weeks MrsClarebella! I went for an early scan as id had a small bleed and the first time i felt sick was when the Midwife was talking to me after the scan (everything was fine and i have a gorgeous little boy now!) and i had to run out on her cause i thought i was going to throw up...but i was never sick, just nausea. So what im trying to say is...!!!...It could very well be implantation cramps and its not over until AF comes to visit! Good luck xxx
  • Thanks Lea. You're lucky, with my other two I got morning sickness (and I mean SICKNESS) before AF was even due and it stayed for months. All worth it though of course! image
  • I've been wondering this too MrsClareabella. AF due 3rd May but I've had cramps Sun, Mon and today and a few stabby pains. I keep thinking AF has come early, even though my cycles have been 26 days on the dot every month since I've been monitoring.

    I've convinced myself I'm out this month but you've given me hope. I also thought I'd be nauseous by now but realistically that doesn't kick in til later.

    Fingers crossed for us both! x
  • I'm 6 DPO and I have had cramps on and off all day too. They are quite mild but it feels a lot like AF is coming (which she isn't as I'm not due on until 3rd/4th May).

    It is my first 'symptom' this month so I'm quite pleased to have something to symptom spot about finally image I'm not getting my hopes up that it means anything though as this is only my third month off the implant so I don't really know what's 'normal' for me yet.

    Finges crossed all round though! xxx
  • fingers crossed for everybody. i'm freaking. I had a dream last night that i woke up and gave birth!!! imagine that! i think i'm going crazy lol!
  • I hate freaky dreams! I dreamt a while ago, before we were trying, that we randomly had a baby and I kept it in a drawer and went out and forgot about it! :S
  • Lol at your freaky dream!!
  • Ps my hubby now thinks I've gone mental, laughing at my iphone for no reason!
  • Mrs Hobbes, were you in the brittas empire?

  • So I think my early cramps were a symptom of coming off the pill as I got af this morning! How are the rest of you ladies doing?
  • Hi MrsC, sorry to hear af got you!!!!!
    i'm still getting cramps daily (got one yesterday when i stood up that sent me dizzy - very strange)! AF not due until 4th/5th but think i've pretty much convinced myself that she'll turn up!
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