Never thought I would say this but BFP!!!!!!!

I just can't believe it at the moment and thank you to all of you for your advice etc.

This was our 5th month ttc, i came off the pill on our honeymoon in August.

I did a superdrug test last night at 9dpo and got a vvv faint line so dd another superdrug one this morning with fmu and the line was still just as faint. So went out and got a first reponse and a cbd and the lines are clear as day on the fr. will do the cbd later today or tomorrow but there is no doubting these lines on the fr!

This was also our first month of using the cbfm so guessing I hadn't been ovulating when I thought before that!

Symptoms wise it has all been a bit strange! Straight after ov I had an urge to buy ice lollies??! Then started craving tomato soup which I barely even like - that was about 2-4dpo. I then started to get extremely sore nipples but my boobs did or do not feel heavy or any blue veins etc! About 6dpo I got a lump in my throat like u do when u feel nauseas which went after about a minute. Then yesterday 9dpo I started to get af type cramps which I still have today. Other than that nothing!! No implantation bleeding or anything! I hope this has in a way helped as I always look at other people's symptoms etc during the 2ww.

Do I feel pregnant??!! Nope not yet!!
I pray it is a sticky bean and am throwing all my baby dust to all of u as I have dreamt of this day for such a long time even before we were ttc image


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