Advice needed on temp charting?

Hello ladies,

12 DPO today and just got that feeling we haven't done it. So, in anticipation of BFN, I am trying to be proactive and positive about next month (I figure any wasted money will be worth it if we get a surprise BFP). I have just invested in another pack of OPKs to see me through next month and prepared hubby regarding trying SMEP again - he doesn't look too devestated! I am going to buy some preseed as well. The last thing on my list was charting my temps as that seems to help a lot of people. I have your bog standard thermometer at home - stick it in your armpit, wait til it beeps and says something like 36.4 degrees C. Is that the right sort of thing or does it need to read to a greater decimal place? Also, what am I looking out for? Oooh.. last thing, I read somewhere that it isn't that effective if you don't sleep very well (majorly guilty of this) so is it best to ignore the temp on restless nights?

Thanks for any tips...

Em x


  • hello

    i temped last time, temping will tell you that you have oved (after 3 days of higher temps) not that you are going to so it wont help prepare you for OV, IYSWIM, although if you have high temps past when AF is due can indicate pregnancy (temps stay high due to progesterone)

    You need to use a special BBT thermometer as it needs to be very accurate, you can get these from boots, i got mine from ebay cheap. you either use it orally or vaginally, you need to take your temp at the same time every morning before getting up out of bed (very important) and chart it to see a pattern. i used fertility friend a free basic chart with the option to pay for extras x

    good luck
  • Thanks for that piggypops. Does that mean there isn't much point along side OPKs?
  • i used it as my cycles were really irregular and i rarely got a + OPK which led me to buy the CBFM, if you have regualr cycles and get +OPK its prob not worth the hassle x
  • I temped when we were ttc our ds and loved having something proactive to do every day. I used a basic thermometer with only one decimal reading but it worked fine for me. After ovulation my temp would go up by .2/.3 of a degree which is slight but noticeable when you're charting. I used fertility friend too but kept a hard copy as well. Its interesting to do along side opk's, but it depends on how obsessed you are!! Hopefully you won't need to as you'll get your bfp this month image x
  • ladies, am i right in thinking this wouldnt work if u do shift work, including night shifts.
  • i worked nights and days when ttc and on nights i would take it when i got up from a night shift sleep but add a note on that temp to say it may not be as accurate, it didnt make a great deal of difference to my charts although when i did night i did quite a few in a row x
  • fab thanks for that piggypops, if no BFP in a couple of months may try this xx
  • Thanks Goonie - I probably am a bit obsessive! Am a teacher so figure summer hols are a good time to do this. Am I right in thinking your temp goes up after OV if you have been successful and stays up when AF is due if you're pregnant. Would be good to have something to occupy my mind in the 2ww.
  • So I have been doing temps and opk's. I would say a BBT is more accurate having tried a normal thermometer first, and I use it orally (don't fancy the other way although I have heard women say it is very accurate when you use it in your hhh mmm!). Also as long as you take your temp after 3 hrs of sleep they say it should be accurate. I do opk's too as the opk's tell me when I'm about to ov and the temp rise tells me when I have ov'd, so we start bding when we get the +ve opk and stop once the temp rises. We also used preseed and I got two bfp's using this method unfortunately neither stuck.

    Fertility Friend is a good website to use, I'm on it.

    Here is my home page if you want to take a look although I have been undergoing tests in the last couple of months so only did symptoms and not temps as I wasn't supposed to be ttc while they were doing the testing. If you scroll down though you can see my temp charts.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck.x
  • yep, it rises after OV then if you are pregnant stays high,

    this is my preg chart from last time,
  • `Thanks BOB that is really helpful. I don't fancy putting a thermometer up my ehem either!! Any tips on avoiding the stress of the 2ww.. I have just a few days left and I am a wreck!?
  • Drink! image ha ha

    How many dpo are you?
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