have come off my pill to try for number 2!!

hi all im new in here my name is Jay and i have an 11 month old daughter called brooke.. we have decided we are going to start trying for number 2!!! came off my pill on friday so fingers cossed!! i fell pregnanat the 1st time we had sex 1st time round so hopefully will be lucky this time too!!!

hope u are all well and having luck on the pregnancy front!!


  • Good luck Jay

    My lo is 5 months old and me and OH are trying for lo number 2 also

    We too fell pregnant 1st time we had sex last time round, however now on month 2 of ttc so his "super swimmers" as he calls them arent as super as they were 14 months ago!

    Mandy x
  • hello,were also trying for #2, ds is coming up to 14 months,i fell pregnant on the 2nd try and were on the second month now so fingers crossed this is the month,good luck

  • hi my lo is 18months old and we will be ttc our second as soon as i finish my course of pill in a couple of weeks. we fell as soon as i came off pill last time so hoping for the same luck this time round but trying not to get my hopes up too uch. good luck and hope you get your bfp soon.xxx
  • Hi Jay. I'm trying for my first, came off the pill end of March. Just wanted to say welcome. xx
  • hi i have a lo of nearly 3 and we are trying for number to too! welcome,everybody here is super friendly, good luck x
  • Hi there, my dd is 14 months old - would love to be ttc now for #2 but we have decided to wait until later in year (due to job, money etc) however came off of pill anyway beginning of may and am just finishing first af so at least my body should be ready for when we start!
    Good luck and lots of babydust x
  • Hi everyone. i am ttc number 2, coming up for y second month of trying. I am already behaving like i am pregnant, daydreaming, reading pregnancy mags, watching home birth diaries!! I need to get a grip otherwise i am going to have the longest pregnancy in histiry when it fianlly happens! Anyone else having this problem?
  • Oh yes and we've not even started yet!
  • Hi and welcome. Sending tons of luck and babydust x ****************
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