Q for those who had implantation bleed before BFP

hi girls

was wondering if there is anybody who got BFP and had implantation bleed, how long did it last and how strong was it?

I am waiting for AF but all I have had is a little blood overnight for the last three nights and don't know what to make of it?



  • Hi Shuck

    Sorry hun, can't help on this one but just wanted to wish you luck, sounds hopeful, how late are you?

  • Hi SD, thanks for reply.
    I think I am 17dpo so 3 days late but didn't do OPK and OV pains were less strong than normal so might have OVed late.
  • hi hun, i had an im bleed when i was preg with lo. didnt know what it was at the time, thought it was first af after coming off pill. it lasted 2 days with just browny coloured blood. good luck hun, really hope thats what it is.xxxx
  • Hello hun image

    With my boy i had Imp bleed and i though it was AF image
    Good Luck hun hope you get your BFP very soon

    gems xxx
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