Feel let down....

Had my appoinment today with the mc consultant...felt like a total waste of time, as he was assessing me to see if i need the test etc. Basically he kept questioning me about my positive tests, felt like he was calling me a liar tbh, he kept going on about the fact i have had 2 children (yes i know that!!!) so theres unlikely to be anything wrong (ok U keep miscarrying as see how u like it!!!) He said it sounds like i may have pcos, due to symptoms since i came of the implanon.....but because i have had children its unlikely theyl give me anything to treat it, i.e clomid/met and i may have to just get on with things!!! I wasnt going anywhere til something was done...so hes sent a referal to the specalist in miscarrying and i have to wait for a appoinment for some basic tests for me and oh.....so am hopeing something shows up so i can put an end the this bloody misery!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:


  • Oh woomummy - didn't want to r+r - sorry to hear how frustrating it was. But good on you for standing your ground and getting that referral. That can't have been easy - very well done.
  • oh honey i really don't know what to say...

    I guess its a good thing that they're doing the tests as hopefully something else might come up (in a good way) that might explain the mc's and get u some answers and + results.

    I've got everything crossed 4 u sweetheart and i'm here if u need me- but then u know that already!!!
  • That sounds really frustrating, so sorry it didn't meet your expectations. Take heart from the fact that he thinks you won't need any assistance though. He might be a twat but he is an expert.
  • Oh lilac youve made me cry in a good way though image Just feel like throwing my towel in and admiting defeat with this now....expert or not, 3 miscarraiges is not 'normal' i know that deep down and it terrifies me, the worse thing was is he said if hed been presented with my case and i didnt have my other2 he would be worried...so apparently things cant go wrong with your body after u have had a sucessful pg...my arse it cant...i just feel like im being made out to be selfish as i have my other 2 and should be happy with that....of course i love my boys more than life itself, but im not ready to finish my family just yet xxxxxxx
  • Oh hun dont give up. He sounds like a bit of an expert twat to me!! At least he has reffered you to an mc specialist so hopefully you will get more answers from him.

    Take care

    Hilary x

    P.S. Here is a bucket full of pma & babydust xx
  • How poo. AT least you have your referral to specialist - hang onto that.

    Meanwhile, I've heard good things about those PMA trees SB is handing out - careful though, I suspect they might have fallen off the back of a lorry.... xx
  • Lol at ptb and sb, u girlies make me laugh, i miss u guys over here...although im watching from afar how your pgs are going!

    Right now i think i need to take some time out, i really am not sure if its worth all the heart ache anymore, i think il sit tight and see how long these tests are going to be..i had to wait 6wks for the appointment today, and not sure i can wait another 6! Im not really sure what i want anymore, i dont think its right to keep hurting like this, its not normal and it isnt helping me, oh or my boys. I may feel better in the morning, im just not sure....i know i want another baby, just seems every corner i turn there is another great big barrier up to stop me. God why cant life be simple!
  • I'm so sorry things are so hard for you, it's especially unfair when you are so supportive of everyone on here. Thinking of you and hoping you feel less dejected about the whole thing very soon. xx
  • oh woomummy. i don't like to think of you feeling so sad. You can't give up even though i understand that it must all get too much at times. Get planting that pma tree from SB and take care of it so your pma is restored. Once you're ready you will feel like carrying on and we will all be here to read your bfp post soon i hope.
  • Oh Kim

    Im sorry what a plonker! I think sometimes these people dont understand real life and have a heart! Totally understand if you take time out, havent been on here as much lately and i find it helps. We are all here if you need us. Im sure you'll get your angel soon.

    take care of yourself.

    jen xx
  • Thanx girlies for all your lovely msgs....i hate feeling this down, its a horrible feeling, argh i think i may limit myself to being here once a wk, finding it hard when i do come on now tbh....alot of the girls in the pg forum have had their babies, i remember them getting their bfps and was here b4 them...!
  • oh hun sorry it didn't go that well but at least you are being referred to someone who will hopefully sort you out.

    we're all here for you, whatever you decide hun. big hugs, thinking of you xxxxx
  • oh kim hunny, i'm so sorry your so down and that things didn't go well at your appointment, please don't give up. I have days where i just want to throw in the towel and just be happy that i have such a wonderful dh. But we can not give up and eventually you will get your super sticky BFP i really believe it will happen. Take a break if you need it and come back and show us your shiny bfp, if you need to chat we're all here for you.
  • Oooooo Kim!

    I have missed you! I'm sorry my laptop was in hospital I didn't see this! You should have text me!

    He sounds like a right nightmare - but at least you got a referral! Chin up Chic - you'll be a mummy again I just know it!

  • Hey woomummy, so sorry to hear that you are feeling so down. That guy sounds like a right insensitive idiot, men especially male docs don't understand the emotions that we go through when ttc and having mc's. Please don't think about giving up, if you feel you need to break from BE then go for it - you will be missed tho!
    How are you feeling today? I know how hard it was for me after my mmc but you have done so so well to keep going after having 3 mc's, try and be strong and plant that pma tree from SB! At least you have been referred to the mc specialist which is a good thing. Keep going, you will get your bfp again soon and it WILL be a sticky one, don't give up. Keep your chin up.

    Take care. Big hugs. Nat xxx
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