I really wish af would show up

I never thought I'd be wishing for af to show up. By my normal cycles I use to be every 28 days. When I had the coil fitted it stayed that way but instead of having a full af it was just slight spotting over a couple of days.

Af should have been here on wednesday 31st but hasn't arrived yet. I have done three tests and all bfn image
I've been feeling sick, sore (.)(.) and really tired so i really did think that we had did it this month. But now I just think my mind has been playing tricks on me bcos I want to be pregnant again.

Sorry about moaning but i just wanted to write it down as nobody knows that we are ttc yet


  • Hi hon...nothing like waiting for AF, eh? I always have a really regular 28-31 day cycle and at the moment I'm on day 42!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just really light spotting for a week now and BFN when I tested (over a week ago now)...absolutely fed up now.

    But just in case she shows her face here I'll send her over to you...please do the same for me!

    Take care xx
  • Ooh can u pass her to me after that please!! I had my first af after having my DS 6 months ago about 4 weeks ago now and she aint cme back yet. BFN's all the way and i just want her again so we cant do it all over again this month. I gotta feeling she aint gonna arrive tho and history is gonna repeat itself! image
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