hi. i'm back

Hi girls i.m back. i've had a lovely relaxing holiday in croatia, would recommend it to anyone. lots of bding tmi! feel so much less stressed about everything and only 2 more sleeps until i go and see the gyneacologist yay. full of pma and really think the next couple of months are gonna be ful of good things. hi to all the newbies and congrats to all the bfp's while i've been gone. slow xx


  • Welcome back! Glad you had a good time chick image

    Hope all goes well on Thursday image
  • Elloimage

    Glad to have you back and also glad to hear you had a wonderful holidayimage

    K xx
  • Hi there, glad you had a nice break. Where abouts in Croatia did you go to, incase I go there in the future? Good luck for your gynae visit. Keep us updated.
  • hi honey, good to see you back!

    keep us posted with how you get on!!
  • Hi, very nice to have you back. Pleased you enjoyed your hols. Good luck for the appointment.xx
  • Thanks guys, sevans i went on the peljasic peninsular (sp?!!!) its between Split and Dubrovnik. Beautiful and very warm and not very touristy.
  • Hi SLOW, glad you had a relaxing time. Hope your appointment goes well. xx
  • welcome back. hope the appt goes well.
  • Hi Slow, Welcome back, I'm just back from hols too unfortunately got af while away boo! so I'm on month 6 now. anyway, good luck with your appointment!
  • Welcome back, glad you had such a fab hol. Good luck with the appt. x
  • Hey! Welcome back. I had mc while you were away so am back to ttc image
    But full of fighting spirit and off to gp tomor armed with pcos evidence and will not leave until she agrees to do more tests!
  • Hi Baby B i just replied on your other post but just wanted to say good luck at the docs tomorrow and hope they sort you out and you seem so strong being able to get back ttc. Good luck
  • Hi Slow - glad your back and nice and rested - I'm back today too after ages away from this place and don't recognise anyone!!!
    Good luck with your docs appt.
  • Hey MummyWannaBe, welcome back. I'm still here. Loads of newbies that i don't recognise from only a week away to. How are you feeling?
  • I'm ok thanks hun. Just trying to keep myself busy and not think about ttc!
    How are you doing?
  • Yeah, i'm really good thanks, full of PMA for tomorrow. Just hope they sort me out. Its good to keep busy.
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