Anyone on CD2 and going for the relaxed approach this month?

Morning Ladies

Was wondering if anyone was on CD2 and looking for the more relaxed approach this month...last month I drove myself mental I wrote every symptom down, took my temp, OV sticks, analysing my CM every time I went to the toilet....ooooo the list is endless.

This month all I have done is found out when I most fertile, I am going to use pre-seed and start drinking raspberry leaf tea....and well see what happens.

Good Luck to all waiting on their BFP for both OV and PG sticks xxxxxxx


  • i love i am on cd 2 as well, this is our 5th month and getting a bit fed up now, i have been the same been tracking everything, but still got a BFN as my af was a day late, but she came, what ov sticks you using loving, and are they any good, when i was trying for my first, they never worked for me, and was thinking of giving them another go.

    Baby bust to all the ladys

    pink h
  • Hey hun yeah I used them but never seemed to get my + so I have no idea lol....but I am definitely thinking of just going with it this month. OH bought some pre-seed Sunday night and there was an offer on the get 10 free OV sticks with it but I said not too as it would just send me over the edge again lol....I am just going to use the pre-seed around the time I know I am most fertile and also give the raspberry leaf tea a try as I have read that is suppose to enhance fertility....and me and OH are going to start swimming. Good Luck Hun xxxx
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