AF arrived

Ok so I know you all hate it when that happens but for me I am over the moon. As I missed it last month I really thought there was something wrong with me but this morning AF arrived image Feel rubbish though and am meant to be having a BBQ for 20 friends but I don;t care it now means I can start trying this month for a baby for the first time woo hoo.

So as I have only just come off the pill do you think I should look at it as a 28 Cyc and bd more around the 17ish which would be two weeks from today.

I am so happy all that worrying for nothing image

K xxxxxxxxx


  • That is good news! Not sure what the professionals would recommend but I would say bd every other day from around 12th to 20th, at least then you have covered all bases. I'm sure others on here who have more experience than me will have other ideas!! Oh, and apparently, have lots of orgasms!!

    Good luck and have fun!!!
  • hee hee I will try my best image I know I am so pleased I feel like now I can just stop worrying about there being something wrong and now can start actually trying.

    Thanks hun image

  • It sounds like both of us are going into this month with lots of pma!! Lets spread it around for everyone else....... and hope for lots of June BFP's for everyone!!!
  • Your so right I think June will be a fab month I just have a really good feeling image

    K xxxxxxx
  • Hi K-lou,

    I'm really pleased for you!
    Can I add my PMA to the pile to be spead around a little? image

    Having come off the pill myself at the end of March, I wasn't sure about the ease of conceiving straight away. Now I have had proper af, like you k-lou, feel more positive about it all! image

    I'm on CD 9, and last cycle was 30 days. I agree with dappytart, bd around the time you think you will ov, that's what I'll be doing! ;\)

    So good luck to us all, PMA and baby dust shared. xx
  • woo hoo come on girls lets do this image so we all should be on the 2ww together then? that would be so cool, I am really hoping my AF is ok after this one as I have not had a normal cyc yet image I am sure it will be though and if I don;t at least trhis time I know there is a reason for it.

    I really do think June will be a good month image

  • Fingers crossed! x
  • Glad af's have arrived for you. Enjoy ttc!!!
  • yipeeee - well chuffed for you K-Lou. I told you af is different post pill. Let the bd commenceimageimage

  • Great news.. enjoy the BBQ and the other fun things
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