need some advice please!

hi ladies,

once again - not been on in a while, wanted to relax - enjoy holiday and forget about ttc for a while!
well, i thought it would help, but it seems all the alcohol and relaxing has just messed up my body and cycles!

My cycles are usually 33 days long - last time it was 5 days out. anyway - meant to ov around CD20 and this month got ewcm on CD22 (last wednesday), took that to mean i had OV. no temp rise. Had EWCM again for 3 days in a row this mon, tues and wed. None yesterday - but severe pain in right ovary, got to the point before bed that i thought it was cycst and that i would go to hospital if not gone in morning. Well - its gone this morning and had some EWCM - what is going on!!! help me!

i am guessing i am trying to OV but its not happening for some reason - but it hacks me off that i had completely forgotton about it and enjoyed my hols, and its done this to my cycle!!! raaar!

anyone have any thoughts!? xx


  • I am not sure if it is possible to have ewcm after ovulation, So I would think you are still to ov or have just ov'd. Are you still temping?

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  • hey, thats what i thought - my temps are still pretty low, i'm not doing them every day and i'm not recording them, but i know what's low and whats not.
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