i am never buying pg test off e bay again!

Ok so im on CD 60 something. (to be honest i have given up counting but last af 11th of may)
I had 15 cheapy test off e bay and i have used ALL of them image imageops: I have become a poas addict as they have all been negative and its just my body getting used to being off the pill (i hope)
So i am never buying them again :lol:


  • Oh my ShellK, all 15! you must be a pro at peeing on that stick lol!

    Was your last AF a withdrawel bleed after coming off the pill? I had my withdawel bleed on the 12th june and nothing since, on CD31 now... and today in the post arrives cheapie ebay test lol... have resisted so far!!

  • No my last AF was my 1st after my withdrawal. Was a 40 day cycle that one so was convinced my 2nd cycle would be shorter. How wrong was i?!
  • They are rubbish anyway! Mine went in the bin after they showed neg and three other brands showed BFP!
  • I used a boots one today and that was neg too as i did wonder about there reliability but looks like they were right!
  • lol, oh dear just too tempting! I have a CBD in the drawer (wishing it was an FR from some of the posts on here!). I also have about 10 or so ebay pg tests. Been good so far, hate seeing the bfn! xx
  • .
    I was the same hun. lol
    i did either an ov or pg test almost every day because they were so cheap. I think they were fairly reliable(had a + early on, sadly ended in mc). However, when i didnt but some one month i found myself getting cheap ones from tesco etc in bulk ayway so maybe try to do one every other day and stick to the cheapies until you miss a af then do a CBD. Good luck and babydust
    Filo x (ex poas addict)
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