7 week symptoms

Hello! Just wondering how others in their 7th week of pregnancy are getting on and what symptoms you have? I've stared wearing a non wired bra in bed because my boobs are getting so big and sore! Tiredness is increasing but I'm pleased the cramps have stopped. Also seem to be getting more spots and certain smells make me feel queesy. Having occasional feelings of morning sickness but nothing too bad.
It's so exciting but all these unknown changes to your body can be quite unsettling as I don't know what to expect with it being my first! Good luck everyone! X x


  • Hi Redpenguin,
    Think you've put this in the wrong forum. We're not there yet, still trying!!!!
  • What was your 2ww signs thats something we will all obsess over, esp me!! LOL

    K xx
  • LOL @ K-lou.
  • Oops, sorry it's in the wrong forum, I'm still new to this site!

    Hi K-Lou, my 2ww symptoms were kind of like pre-menstrual symptoms, really sore boobs, tiredness, I was a bit grumpy and had quite a bit of abdominal cramping. I've got PCOS so my cycles are always irregular and can be anything from 30 - 45 days. I also get relly painful periods. However, my period was even later than it usually is so I did a test and couldn't believe the result! My hubby and I were in shock!

    Good luck!

    P.S. K-Lou, are you also on you and your wedding? Think I've seen you on there too!
  • bring it on man my mind wont let up today i am like the crazy baby lady of this forum LOL
  • He! He! I know, it just occupies your mind all the time, I'm obsessed too!
  • Yes I am I have been married for 5/6 months now. I was boo44 but just changed my name to sunshine44 image

    K xx
  • Snap! I got married on 1st of Decemnber 2007, around about the same time as you but I still love looking at you and your wedding and my husband thinks I'm mad! but now I'm getting hooked on this website! x x
  • I like it too plus they have a baby forum as well so thats good to go on too. What was your name on you and your wedding or was it the same?


  • My name is Kimby on there. I haven't seen the baby fourm on there but i'll definitely have a look now!
  • Yeah go on it it's under you and your babyimage

    Can I ask how many DPO did you start to get signs?

  • I'm really not sure how many DPO I started to get signs because of my PCOS I ovulate at irregular times. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
    My LMP started on 18th March and I had a negative pregnancy test on 18th April but did a positive test on 4th May so not really sure when I ovulated?!
    It really is difficult to tell if symptoms are pre-menstrual or pregnancy because they're so similar. For me though, it was definitely my boobs that got bigger and really sore. x x
  • Yeah thats the one thing I do not have. I have sore nips but my boobs are normally bigger by now as I should be on next friday though in saying that as this is my first natural bleed it could be anytime.

    it freak the hell out of me last night and yesterday with having the bits of yellow cm and then the blue veins in my boobs? Still have the yellow cm but the veins have gone down xxx
  • I think with pregnancy the changes to your body can vary and everyone is so different thats what makes it so difficult to know whats happening, very confusing! Good luck and keep me posted on how things go. Fingers crossed for you! X x
  • Thanks Klou - just noticed the you and your baby forum, and noticed Pink toothbrush has posted on it. Looks okay, but this one is probably better
  • oh yeah this one is sooo much better but it's good to have enough place to hear news from image

  • Yeah I agree. Know any others?
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