Do all women

....who are preg get more CM ?? And if so what does this look like. Would it be like when she is OV or would it look different.

K xxx


  • I had lots of cm all the time when I was pg with lo but I really cant remember what it was like, I didnt really pay much attention to see if it was like ov cm, sorry i cant be more help x x x
  • Thats ok thank you I thought you would have. I am just feeling poo because i have never really had a lot of cm when i was off the pill on the pill and evern now I have come off the pill.

    I don;t think i OV at all this month image So now it's just a wait till AF arrives though god knows when they will come as this is my first since i stopped the pill.

  • hi honey, how you getting on? what day are you on now?

    i think everyone's different, there have been many on here who have reported more cm when pg but again some who don't have it as well!!!!

    not much help i know!!!
  • I am ok thanks well thats a lie I feel really low again today. I don;t think it;s anything to do with TTC but I think the fact I don;t think I OV this month has upset me a little bit. It's so confusing because I had what felt like OV pain for three day last wed thursday and friday. Friday would of made CD 14 but hardly had any cm let alone EWCM and now my CM is white and thick?? I have had sore nipples since yesterday so I am hoping that my AF pains will not start so early as I am only on CD 17.

    k xxx
  • K-lou - i am on CD 39 since withdrawal bleed and have had sore nipples for about 1 1/2 wks, thick white lotiony type cm and lots of other symptoms - but no BFP or AF. Fingers crossed she doesn't get you - you have similar sypmtom to me and she hasn't got me! Lots of PMA to you!!!
  • I was actually really really dry when i fell pregnant No cm at all
  • Emzyz - thats reassuring to know.
  • I was same as Emzyz too, no cm at all. I only had sore boobs, in fact that has been my only symptom through the 11 weeks I've been pg!
  • Thank you girls I have been worrying i am don;t have enough CM though like I have said already I am not even sure i OV this month. I don;t think we did it this month but will ow just wait for AF to arrive so I can have my first natural bleed and take it from there.

    It's good to know though that some women had no cm at all thats really pleased meimage

    immense - it's a mind game eh? did you have ewcm when you OV?? how long have your cyc normally been? I will keep everything crossed for you.

    K xxxx
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