anyone else had this?

HI girls. . .

WEll I'm cd27 and 12dpo its my 1st month off the pill tho so trying not 2 get 2 carried away lol I'm due on 2moro if I'm going by a 28day cycle!

I got pulling in my stomach like some1 is tugging my insides and pressure and feel bloated and gassy lol anyone else had thIs?

Might test 2moro lol x


  • Hi hun

    Am due AF on sun and have had a few faint lines but wont believe it until the lines get stronger.............cant believe am yet going through faint lines again but hoping and praying these mount to a BFP!!

    Normally I would start spotting for AF by now and nothing so far, I have only what I can describe as a gripey belly and omg lots of wind had this on last few days of holiday too and a bit of sickness, headaches.

    Fingers crossed for us both xx
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