Need to let off steam.!?.!?.!?.!?.!?.

Ever feel likse this?

I'll keep it brief - I work my **** off at work, I do the same at home - OH's friends always comment on how lucky he is to have me. He agrees - but sometimes I think ppl take the pi$$. I have never been as happy at work as I am now - in all fairness - I pretty happy at home too - but I feel like I'm good enough to slog my guts at work - but vertain ppl would treat me no differently if I did that or not?!?!?! I have other ppl around me that don't try half as hard, r so bloody selfish and are all about looking after themselves - and no one thinks any worse of them - well - if they do they have a funny way of showing it.

Do you ever get any appreciation or gratitude in this life!!!!!

Pls Pls Pls say someone fell this way sometimes!!!

PS - If any one with the power to do so is reading this - pls make this not feel so bad by blessing me with a l'il bean.

Sorry ladies but if I didn't say it - I may actually develop this constant sour faced look which may stick LOL


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  • lol hun, thats what we are all here for. i know where you are coming from. hubby tells me all the time how lucky he is to have me but when i think about it he doesnt really do much to take the pressure off and the more i do the less he same at work, i have only been in my job for a few months and the more i take on the more they seem to give me.. i had a wee blow out on tuesday night with hubby but it will only make a difference for a week.xxxx
  • thank goodness - not just me!

    2 b fair - it's no OH that is annoying me the most - although he asks me to do all the jobs he says he doesn't trust anyone else to do (BTW - we work together - everyone in our office is family - immediate family - which isn't always great!) Anywho - 5 years I've been workin with him / them - I gave my other 2 jobs up - along with the rest of my life I had - which again - isn't a particually bad thing considering all the friends I had turned out to be Bitches - but - I left all that behind, worked from 7am until 8pm or 9pm 6 days a week and many many Sundays. On top of this I would help out every day of the week at home (his home) with cooking, cleanin, visitin family, runnin around - and I don't know if any1 really notices - but no one else is putting the same effort in. I know it will sound awful but OH's brother has a girlfriend that does next to nothing compared to what I did when I practically lived with him b4 we both left our parents homes to live together - yet all I constantly here is - "oh - she's an angel isn't she", she'sso sweet isn't she" his other brother is always so sweet to her - he was calling her a diamond the other day - what for??? she does f all!!!!! i think they're just so bloody shocked when she does anything - that's y they comment. Gosh - maybe I'll try doin less- -see if they think I'm as much of an angel!

    S sorry ladies - OH is moanin he wants the laptop so after all that - got to go.

    night night.

    think i'm goin to jump in the shower and go to bed - try again tomorrow!

  • It's rubbish when you feel under-appreciated. Think you should try doing less sometimes, let them realise how much you do for them! You need to look after you when you are ttc! Let the 'angel' pick up the slack for a while!

    Take care x

  • Thank you Sun_shine x

    I know I sound like a complete bitch but for the last 4 weks or more i've not been able to sleep - like now for example......and everyone knows it - not because anyone has commented on me looking tired or being grumpy or sharp - but only because they've simply asked how my night's been and i've told them! I've had this problem for a while now but the pattern is usually that for a week every three months - I cannot sleep - but this takes the biscuit for how long it's going on. It's not like I'm lazy - I am up at 6.30 to 7am every day - including most Sundays and seriously - I don't actually get to stop properley until around 10pm. Anyway - the afforementioned 'angel' didn't get to sleep until just before 12pm and was awake just after 6am - so she was grouchy - and at 10.30am - future MIL offered for her to go with her to another office for 3 to 4 hours then go home with her. OMG - WTF?!?!?!?! She can't have been that bad - I asked her how her nigt was and not once did she mention not sleepin until nearly midnight - then when I overheard her talking to future MIL and she said 'oh - I feel much better now - but if you're sure.....' - I asked what was wrong and she told me. She then said - I was awake so early I felt like coming in to work with bla and bla this morning - I just wanted to say - why didn't you then? What a stupid comment - the answer is - you didn't come in because you had no intention of doing so!!!!

    Jesus - I work my ass off, I used to clean her house every sunday, help her every day of the week, I've been through so much $h!t with these guys - y on earth is 'angel' treated like she's so precious - seriously - what have I done wrong?

    I can't get my head round it - everyone moans about her and how lazy and selfish she is - r they so bloody scared of her that they have to be so nice as to not upset her?

    God - I feel like such a monster but I'm sorry - everyone has commented on her but no one does a blood thing - we're all to damn polite!



    ANYWHO -


    I feel like such a bitch but after 1 night of not getting to sleep until almos midnight and waking just after 6am - the 'angel' left the office at 10.30am to go to another for 4 hours then bugger off home - whilst the rest of us worked til 7.30!!! Is she for real???

    I'm so fed up - all the family moan about how lazy and selfish she is but it's like there all so scared of her to say anything!

    Gosh - my other 2 replies were better but I'm running out of energy now LOL.

    She better book her ideas up is all I can say otherwise she'll be in for a shock!

  • hun, i really hope things get better for you soon, sunshine is right maybe you should do a ittle less for a while. sending hugs and you know here is the best place to vent your
  • Aw honey- thats terrible, isnt it? And i bet you are the type of person that couldnt just give it up. Like you couldnt say no to people.

    Well, maybe with the brothers girlfriend, he is trying to encourage her, or it could be that they've only started going out or are in that honeymoon phase? Im sure reality couldnt have kicked in yet!!

    Is there any way at least you could maybe have a work diary up that others could see how your time is scheduled?

    I hope you feel better now.

  • awww - thank you homefairy -

    They have been going out for 2 yrs Dec gone - and u r right - he is trying to put her with me so I can set an example.

    In all fairness OH and his other brother suggested I have today off - I refused - then last night OH insisted I at least have half a day - I was going to go in this afternoon - then OH and future MIL told me not to so I've had today off - but -it's not like it's for all my hard work - because everyone is taking it in turns to have a sat' off!

    They do know what I do - that's what really annoys me - they are happy to comment on how little she does compared to me but I can't see how they are treating her any differently for her small efforts compared to mine!

    OH always says he doesn't care if he gets compared to anyone else because he always worries about what he's doing rather than what other people r / should be doing so I have tried to adopt this and just get on with what i am doing - hoping that ppl are just aware of what i'm doing even if they don't sy it but i feel like she kinda took the biscuit just lately.

    I feel a little better now - maybe it's becuse i've vented everything now and i've had today off????.

    Thanx all.

  • How are you feeling today? Did your wee day off help you to realx enough that you managed to get a good nights sleep?

    Vent any time you need to by the way, plenty people on here to offer good advice and support!

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