Mrs Dickson....

How are you feeling this morning hun?

Thinking of you. x


  • yea how are you feeling? I hope you are better today. We're here 4 u
  • Hi Ladies
    Thanks for thinking of me.
    Im fine, loads better today. Had a good cry and lots of cuddles from OH and all is well. On to the next month.

    Even better, AF arrived this morning!
    Why she couldnt have shown up 2 weeks ago and saved all this, I dont know. But as OH says, my mind must be very strong and i need to chill out a bit!

    So ive spent today shopping with best friend and 2 god daughters - running around after a 2 year old and trying to feed a 3 month old was hard work!!! But lovely. Im now home and covered in baby sick!!!

    Hope you are all well.
  • I am sorry she found you - she should have done it 2 weeks ago! At least now you can concentrate on this month. Lots of PMA being sent to you x
  • honey im so so sorry, loads of hugs to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks twizzlepie.
    Im gutted it wasnt better news, but im over it now.
    Had a good weekend and done lots to take my mind off things.
    Once AF is over and done with I can get on with dbing again!!!
  • Good morning mrs Dickson! Glad your okay and doing well.

    Next time your AF just dont get doubtful or get your hopes up.

    When I was trying to get pregnant after 4 months and No BFP I straight away just gave up kept on TTC and just waited and expected a period and didnt think about getting pregnant and 1 month later I was preggers!!

    So I know your so wanting to get pregnant but just go with the flow and not let it take over you.
    It will happen in time.

    Good luck

  • Leanne thats good to hear, i feel like i dont want to get my hopes up any more, mrs dickson so glad you had a good weekend and keep up the BDing this month!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • OH NO, Mrs Dickson i was thinking of you ;-( so you now have your AF. Try and look at it this way babe, now you can start trying again and are not left hanging around you know. i am really sorry she found you image

    K xx

  • Sorry she found you Mrs Dickson, but once she's cleared off you can try again. Good luck for this month. xx
  • Thank ladies!
    I definatly need to take a chill pill this month!

    So ive decided to get back into my exercise, had the whole month off last month what with wedding, honeymoon and getiing back to normal when we got back, so as of tonight im back to the rowing and pilates. This should help me chill out a bit and also help lose the extra few pounds ive put back on!

    How was your trip K-Lou?
  • Do you know what, about a week or two ago i just said to myself look stop worrying and thinking so much about it, and I have not been happier. I feel soo much better and more relaxed. Also doing things you may have put off for ttc is helpful as well.

    My trip was wonderful thank you, nearly got attacked by some drunk bloke on the saturday night though that did really upset me but I am thinking of all the good things that went on there rather than just that you know.

    k XX

  • Its a good plan and im really hoping im gonna be able to do that! Its easy to say not to stress now, AF is here and all is well, but once im on the 2 week wait, will I really be able to resist symptom spotting??! I hope so!
    Im going to try and plan something to do the week that AF should be due next month to try and keep my mind off it!

    Glad you had a good trip, even the drunk mad man didnt manage to spoil it!
    Even though ive just og tback from honeymoon, im desperate to go away again!
    Sat at work in a jumper in July - never good!
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