Out for August

So, the witch finally got me yesterday (why does she always appear after you waste a test??)
I've had my ' mad moment' (you know the one, uncontrollable tears and 'what if's'). Now I'm being positive and hoping to relax (yeah, right!) this month.
The good news is that my cycles all seem to be almost perfect now - the last three have been 27, 27, and 28 days - so looks like the reflexology and acupuncture are working well.
Also, i've invested in a CBFM to give me some control over my ovulation to see if I really am ovulating every month or whether it's a bit hit and miss (doc previously told me that i probably don't every month as i have a low progesterone) so then hopefully i'll be in a better position mentally come the 2WW.
So after a downer yesterday I'm much more positive today and looking forward to see what September brings.
Here's hoping there are some more BFP's from you ladies to keep me going xxx


  • Sorry the witch got you, fingers crossed for next cycle! I'm sure the PMA will help. I have been thinking about having reflexology - interesting to hear it has helped your cycles that much. Did you tell the person that you were TTC or not?
  • I think I'm out for this month aswell, but also trying to have a positive attitude! Try not to get too bogged down with obsessing (although I know it is easier said than done), as that can sometimes have an adverse effect.

    Good luck for your BFP next month! x
  • Hi Mrs EH,
    Yes, i told the reflexologist/acupuncturist that i was TTC. She's really worked on my cycles, the period pains and also the clotting (sorry if TMI). It seems to have really worked.
    The pain is almost non existent this month compared to last month where i thought i was going to die with pain (i know it's still nothing compared to child birth but hey! it was baaaaddd).
    So feel very positive that it's been having the right effect.
    She does alternating reflexology and acupuncture. Sometimes both on the same day. I'd really recommend it.
    It can work out expensive but i figure so's having kids - i'm getting in the practise now!
  • Ooh.. that sounds really good Tashy. Luckily I know someone that is a reflexologist. Just deliberating over whether to explain my reason for having it. Hmm.. Sounds like it is certainly worth a try tho.
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