Anyone else on tonight?

Hey all!!
Hubs at work and lo sleeping so I'm chilling! Nothing on tv so am floating around on here!!

Anyone else bored??

X j x


  • Mrs jc, yeh im board my hubby is playing on PS3!! i hate that thing! LO is asleep and im on here having 1 glass of lambrini!! which i was bought by someone so thought have to at least drink a bit....not nice!
  • Lambrini yuck!!! Think I'd rather drink water!! Lol!!!

    My hubs is a graphic designer so glued to his computer 24 hours a day!!! Lol!! I shouldn't complain though as it means I am a stay at home mum!!!! Lol

    any plans for weekend??

  • me too, hubby is on x box and i should be doing uni work but i have found myself on here, contemplating symptom spotting and testing early! oooops! xx
  • yes we go and pick our new car up tomoro! cant wait! its a nice big one as we want more boot space! then off to ikea!

    what about you??
  • work for me tomorrow, image! oooo u can fill ur new boot with goodies from ikea! i love love love ikea! x
  • Ooh exciting!!!

    We have nothing planned this weekend! Friends lo in hospital so might go to see her if I can apart from that food shopping!!

    I am 1 dpo and already ss such a donut!!! Step away from the tests princess!!! Lol

  • ohhhh good idea i nva thought of that!!! lol yeh i lurrrrvvvvvv ikea. If ur boobs really hurt!! thats the best sign 4 me!! thats how i new i was preg with my LO. xx
  • my hubby is inviting me to come and watch telly with him now.....what does he want??? lol. so will say good night already, take care xx
  • no my boobs do not hurt one bit image im 12dpo, i think, maybe? big maybe! i have loads of cramps and discharge thats all image x I love all the candles in ikea, the scented ones, i buy loads everytime we go! cant wait to be kiting out a nursary with ikea stuff! xx
  • I love the ikea candles too!! They smell so yummy!!!

    I really am boooooored!!!
  • me too, just been and done some uni work, taken my mind off s.s for all of half an hour! lol x
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