evening ladies what are you all up tonight then??

im not up to much just chilling on the comp while hubby is watching some SAS thing on the box lol not my kind of thing but hey image

where is everyone in there cycles?

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  • hi grudie,

    BE jus ate my last reply, grrrrrrrr

    i'm havin a similar eveing as you, i jus got to watch my programmes so now its his turn to play so god awful fight game on his xbox 360, sound quite horrific really.
    thinking a nice hot bath soon and chill out with a good book, got work at 9 in morn.

    i'm currently on 10dpo and itchin to test but stayin strong, where abouts are you in urs??
    han x
  • hubby at work and i've mr & mrs on

    well, cd 38 of a cd34 cycle, go figure! think ov'd a week late as got ewcm a week after i should have ovulated

    what about you?
  • Hi grudie

    I have watched the hangover on box office with hubs on our new 42in plasma tv lol its cool and much sharper picture!!

    I am now back on here was on this morning, got CSI on in the background.

    I am CD22 and 1/2dpo I think done an opk thur and it was as near the lines so think I have ovulated had no pains just lots of cm.

    Due to test 30th, what about you? x
  • ah lol thankfully scott isnt much into things like that,mainly we play the wii together

    oh a bath sounds an idea maybe tomorrow tho.work on a sunday is pants tho eh image

    il just have to go check where i am lol got last Af xmas day i remember that lol
  • im on Cd22 lol of a cycle i dont no of what length but usually between 30-45 tops

    were having a very relaxed start to ttc in 2010.....for now anyway lol
  • me too grudie, chilling this month. havent ovd or anything yet just waiting. im sitting chilling with a glass of wine.xxxx
  • think my af is just around the corner!!
    having coil out on monday so as soon as that is out and af has gone onwards with the baby making!!

    hubby has just gone to work so i am watching last half hour of parent trap and then big bro!!! whilst on here obviously!!

  • I've just been to see Avatar, OMG a fantastic film - 3D - was amazing!!!

    CD14, no ov yet, but have a good feeling about this month xxx
  • well he has a ps3, and an xbox 360, i've told him to make the most of it now, before we have a baby, cos he can forget playin that awful crap with a sleeping child!!!! hahah

    working sundays is crap, serving little old people who think the world owes them a favour is even worse ( i'm a restaurant supervisor in a very busy restaurant the middle of windermere), its a shit job but pays my bills for now!!!
    so you'll be ov soon then?
    relaxed.... yeah i tried that"! haha didn't work out too well for me, i got very demanding, one night my hubbie had fallen asleep, i knew it was time, so i woke him up, and made him have sex, haha he was fuming!!!! what kind of man is that?

    anyway i'm rambling, good luck for ur relaxing month xxxxx
  • yeah should be due to ov,cbfm used to pick it up around cd 19 but i dont no how lont this cycle will be so you never know,did notice ewcm the other day tho hhmmmmm lol

    ah ramble away lol

    hello MrsC image

    cass82 ive heard some good things about Avatar x
  • i've been stalking and occasionally posting on here for over a year now due to hubby being a pain in the butt!!
    hoping to post more regularly now he has agreed to ttc number 2!!!

  • lol, bless you hun, you ramble on!

    It really was amazing, I have to say I went as a sceptic, but you really have to see it for yourself.

    hope you ov soon!
  • Heey
    I am jsut marking some school books would you believe - on a Saturday night!
    OH and work so I taking advantage of the peace and quiet haha.
    I am about 4dpoish today. Had loads of PMA before OV and now it seems to have dropped completely lol.
    Oh the emotions we go through ttc!!
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