OMG i think ive done it

As you know yesterday had the urge to poas - well i did well and refrained
Last night i went to the loo and sorry to be graphic (but i know how much you girls love detail) i had a massive amount of stringy ewcm - enough for me to think OMG image

Anyway today is CD 22 of 28 so im think and hoping to god that my perfect cycle of 28 days and ov @14 isnt suddenly all messed up and that i am ov now.... i meet my friend for coffee and she talks me into buying a test (yeah i know i caved) - i have just done it and got a really really really faint line - i took it apart and held it up to the light and there is a def line there

now i am only about 8dpo and its 1.30pm so i would expect it to be faint - how long do i need to hold my wee before testing again - Bugger the cost i need to keep testing til i get a darker line to show Hubby image image

what do you think girls??


  • wow same as me then 8dpo bfp me thinks!!!!
    Try with first morning urine that should be darker as more hormone but may take up to couple of days to be dark enough for hubby to see.
    Congratulations you're pregnant!!
    Sticky babydust
    Filo x
  • filo its your fault i tested so early :LOL:
    I cant wait til the morning to do another test its only the middle of the day here in the US - are you crazy telling me to wait :LOL:
    only kidding i know i should but i feel i could be getting through loads of tests this week

    just hope it sticks xx
  • woo hoo test test test befor tomoro morning x
  • yes but aren't you glad you did now?????
    Definitely a fmu job i'm afraid, you'll keep testing anyhow even after you get darker bfp i did.
    More sticky babydust sent
    Filo x
  • thanks filo image xx
  • ooh fingers crossed for you, let us know how you get on!! xx
  • OMG runningbird, I had same thing this morning as you. i was pottering about the flat and all of a sudden felt very wet between my legs and when i looked there was a big bit of stringy ewcm.
    have you any other symptoms?
    Im on CD23!!! x
  • well Fiona - i actually have less symptoms than last month in the run up to AF.
    Last month my bbs felt massive and sore right from OV that dissapeared really quick as soon as i came on. This month i have slight aches but nothing at all like last time. Its almost like they were going to ache after ov then thought nah we will get pregnant instead.
    Yesterday afternoon i had a twingy tummy and then got the ewcm after that and felt a bit light headed,
    The only other thing i have had all week is a thrush feeling ??!! just kind of a bit itchy (sorry TMI)
    Oh and i have been feeling tired and sleeping really well - like a zombie in fact
    oh and 1 more which may be just too much info but ive been feeling quite 'up for it' too image

    i keep looking at this test and can see the line but it is faint
    sorry prob not much help - god i want to test again
  • tmi is fine. I too have had twingy pains in tummy (refer to other post) and getting excited now, but i know i shouldnt. I have been finding it difficuly to get up in the morning but think its because dd got me up at 3.30am and have had some late nights.
    as all the girls say a line is a line, hope you get a defo BFP in the morning, good luck x
  • Well Done Runningbird -it looks like you will be joining the long list of April BFPs. Post us another post tomorrow morning when you do the test again.
  • ok will do image - flippin ek i am really excited - im sure i wont be saying that when i am hugging the toilet bowl.

    if this is a keeper then it looks like i may be having one of the first January babies 5th Jan it calculates to !!!!!xx
  • if im pg ill be due 5th jan too!! My daughters birthday is on 21st jan! right in the middle of xmas and her bday! x
  • when are you going to test Fiona or are you being all angelic and waiting until you miss AF
  • ha

    I have poas too early so many times and got bfns then af arrives a couple of days early that I will not risk it again. BUT saying that I have no idea how long I will have to wait for af. My longest cycle was 43 days so if I go a couple of days past that I guess I will have no choice. Definatly not before 14th May. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh x
  • well fingers crossed for you. xx

    I'm going to do it again in the morning, hopefully it will be a bit darker by then - its still way early though so just keeping my fingers crossed x
  • can u get clear blue digital tests in the US runningbird? If you can pee on one of the in the morning! get it in writing!! image
  • i can get allsorts of digital but i am going to wait with one of those as i have seen so many on here say they took ages to show up.
    Husband didnt say much - he doesn't trust the tests are really accurate - neither of us have done this b4 :LOL:

    Hopefully a darker one in the morning will convince us both and then one with words! - All he said was why didnt you wait until your period was late - pah men what do they know LOL!!

    will update tomorrow xx
  • Congratulations runningbird, can't wait to see the PREGNANT letters today from you! GOod luck.
  • Congratulations runninbird - looking forward to hearing the next installment!!! xx
  • sounds positive - good luck with your next test lots of baby dust and congratulations xx
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