Tinks post.....

Im going to be completely honest....
Ive been ttc my first baby for about 10 months now, i dont know anyone who have experianced issues with concieving their first, second or fifth child. Most people I know have had happy mistakes.

Before i started coming to this website or started ttc myself (feels like a lifetime ago now!) i used to think that people who already have children and experiance problems ttc should be thankful for what they have and i even though they shouldnt be allowed treatment on the nhs when they have children at home. I actually also naively thought people shouldnt be allowed ivf or anything as it was selfish and they should adopt a child as the planets over populated as it is.image

BUT NOW after joining this site, ttc myself and losing beans, hearing you wonderful ladies go through heart ache month after month, I have totally changed my mind. I was ignorant to the pain and suffering and emontional strain that ttc can have on couples or single mums.

I think tink had a very valid question and its something that i myself have wondered from time to time. I also think that it takes a brave person to air views (the other post) and to ask questions that Im sure other ladies among us were thinking.

Like i said, my views on fertility treatment, older people ttc, same sex couples ttc and single parents using donors or whatever other means to be able to hold a baby one day, have completely changed.

And i hope with every bit of my heart that every single one of us, whether its first time round or fifth time round will be able to have our babies that we will all love, regardless of our circumstances and how long or hard our journey was to get there.

I hope noone takes this the wrong way, its not intended to offend.:\)

Babydust to all


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