I'm not using OPKs as we're only just starting TTC next cycle and I don't want to get too caught up and stressed. But I was just wondering how to tell when I ovulate? I had pain CD10, 11 and 12 (today) and slippery CM CD10 and 12. Which of these days would I have ovulated on, or does that come after the symptoms? Thanks!


  • ggrrrr BE ate my reply yet again!!!

    how long are your cycles chick??

    with cm your looking for EWCM and thats exactly like it says egg white and stretchy i usually get this 2 days before i ov but i know that by using the CBFM xx
  • Hey hun, they are usually 26 days. Def had EWCM Sun, Mon and today. Pain seems to have gone this evening and since this is CD12 I am guessing I may have ovulated today, giving me a luteal phase of 14 days?

    I like the sound of this CBFM but I have a tendency to get a bit hooked on stuff and I don't want to get too crazy just yet! But at the same time I don't want to be trying at the wrong times. x
  • yeah chick that sounds about right then as long as you aim to bd 3-4 times a week you should cover all the bases

    i got my CBFM really cheap i wouldnt have bought at its real price lol ive stopped using it for now but it has taught me alot about my cycles xx

    maybe BD the next few days also x
  • Well I don't think hubby's going to complain at the extra BDing! I try not to talk about my cycle too much as I don't want to pressure him that I'm ovulating NOW and he has to impregnate me! Hehehe.

    Thanks Grudie, I may check out the CBFM on eBay, at least knowing when I'm ovulating will give us a headstart x
  • lol i dont get ANY complaints from my hubby hes been in heaven for nearly 2 years lol

    you also get a good price in amazon for the cbfm chick so have a look there also,i used to get my sticks from there also boots are a rip off at 20 quid a box
  • Fab, thanks for the tip :\) x
  • no worries image x
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