Have i made the right choice?

Hi gals hope you ok today first time ive been on here since tue.Been manic today with childrens sports day in the pouring rain and a visit to the vets. It cost nearly 30 quid for my dog to have the morning after pill can you believe it !
I have decided to order some Clomid off a uk website and take it from next month. I dont seem to ovulate at all and after the long wait i had with my last daughter i cant face going throu that again. I had to wait nearly 18 mths b4 i was seen by the hospital then they finally prescribed me Clomid. I just want to get my body to do what it is meant to i cant stand all this waiting for nothing. Hope i am making the right decision, my doctor was most un helpful and said because i have 2 children im not priority, even thou Ady who im now married to does not have any kids it doesnt seem fair. x


  • i would be really carefull,cant remember when but they was someone else who was gonna do this and one person said that her friend bought some online and she got pregnant and then lost the baby,she took the tablets to the docs and they tested them and found out they wasnt even clomid, if you can do some research on the company and see if there 100% legit
    good luck


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  • I don't want to tell you what to do and I'm sure you're as desperate as the rest of us to have children but please be careful.

    When we're ttc we all eat properly, stop drinking, cut out the caffeine and stop smoking.We take folic acid and vitamins, and take care of our bodies. Please think carefully before taking something when you don't know what's in it at all. You could harm yourself and any potential baby.

    Is there any way you can get a private prescription for Clomid?
  • i agree with the others - just be careful. you don't want to do yourself any harm so if you decide to buy it make sure you trust the company.

    good luck xxxx
  • My sister was thinking of putting her clomid left over on ebay. She was prescribed 6 months and only used three before getting her BFP. I'll let you know if she does, although it's not something I would encourage. x x
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