I got positive opk today, on the smep, so that means lots of bd'ing!

Wish us luck girls!

Yay, can ss soon! Babydust in bucketloads! xxxxxxxx



  • Good luck!!!! Fingers crossed for a bfp at the end of the month... and for me too!! xx
  • Fingers crossed for you too hun, where are you in your cycle? xxx
  • Good luck and lots of baby dust to you!!

  • Thank you HomeFairy, you too hun! xxx
  • oooh good luck hun. i got excited when i saw your post then realised you hadnt ov'd yet so it couldnt be your bfp.lol.xxxx

  • lol never met anyone so happy to SS pmls

    Good luck chick and enjoy lots and lots of BDing :lol:
  • Lol Angel, sorry sweetie! Its got to be a bfp this month!

    Grudie, I find that ss'ing makes it go quicker and its soo tempting anyway, might as well enjoy it! Tee hee!

    Good luck girls, babydust babydust babydust! xxx
  • i agree with the ss.lol.

    your right has to be you bfp this month.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • You too sugar! You think you might be ov'ing?! We're cycle buddies, have to have a bfp at the same tme! xxxx

    Ahh frillypink, next month will be yours!
  • good luck cass! have fun! lol x
  • no not oving yet but pains started niggling today but knowing my body it could be another week.

    i really hope this is our month hun.xxx

    are you finding any difference with the robitussin.xxx
  • Didn't get a chance to get some robitussin, but have been using covonia which says on the front of the bottle expectorant. Really weirdly haven't had much ewcm, not as much as previous months. Hmm... will have to see! Had three opk peaks - sun, mon and today, so fingers crossed!

    Hurry up and ov woman! lol! You feeling calmer this month hun?

    P.s. thank you cookiesandcream! xxx
  • hun just make sure your cough mix doesnt have decongestant in it that can dry cm.

    well i have ewcm this morn and ov pains so thinking im close lolxxxxx
  • Ooh sounds good sweetie!

    lol! will have to check! Got ewcm last night and was the last night of the smep bd'ing!

    Although hubby was sad this morning, saying that he was concerned that we hadn't bd'd at the right time - as I got three peaks in a row and think I actually ov'd today. He thinks we should have started to bd the following day after my first peak on the opk. (If that makes any sense) So that made me feel a bit down.
  • im sure youve been fine hun. fingers crossed for you hun.xxxx

    iv egot loads of ewcm today which i havent had for month so something is doing the trick. i upped my dose of epo this month, have been drinking grapefruit juice and taking the cough mix so one of them is working.xxxx
  • Been incredibly hyper and happy at work thou (weirdly), girls kept asking if I'd eaten loads of sugar/chocolate! lol!

    Definitely sounds positive hunny, a combo of all three must be working! If I don't do it this month then will be doing it all next month! xxx
  • lol. im starting to worry that im oving today, usually i get loads of warning but the way i feel today i think it could be happening a bit peed off coz we havent bd since sunday so i will just have to hope that my pains keep up tomorrow and i havent ovd yet.xxx
  • Get bd'ing sweetie! xxx
  • yeah we bd last night and will be again tonight dont think i have ovd yet coz im still getting pains today so fingers crossed hoping it will be tomorrow that way we get another chance tonight.xxxxx

    so much for being chilled.lol actually feel worse for not doing opk's and stuff was fine up till ov time now i wish i had been doing temp and stuff.lol.xxx
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