the rude veg,smep,zestica,opks and vit b6 didnt work!!

I'm so fed up of the feeling of another let down of a month! I actuallly feel angry rather then sad, feel like I've been robbed! I'm sick of ttc, it sucks


  • OH hun (((((((((((huge Huggles))))))))))))))))

    I know what you mean we u KNOW u BD on the right days and AF still comes

    Good Luck for next month and u can enjoy drinking over xmas xxxxx gems xxxxx
  • I'm sick of ttc, it sucks

    I agree ! apart from the BD part ! but when you have been at it as long as we have somethimes you cant be bothered on any other day!

    Next month will be the one, keep positive and if you are going to get a BFN at least this is the best time of year to get one x
  • I'm giving it a break for a few months, ibe had this feeling 10 times now. I've had tests so I know theirs nothing wrong with me. The doctor did say some people 'just don't match' I'm begining to think that's true... I hope everyone gets there xmas/new year bfps especially the smep girlies.
    Good luck xxxxx
  • U never know giving up fir a bit just may bring you a BFP
    I gave up for a bit in june and got a BFP mine wasn't sticky but it was only when i chilled out it worked.
    Good Luck hun xxxxxx
  • Ah so sorry to hear that baby princess, I got my af yesterday and I was a mixture of disappointed and angry too, it really does suck. gems is right, giving it a rest may do you some good, get back to just enjoying sex instead of bding!! Hope you feel better soon and have a great Christmas.x.
  • aww hun, so soryy she got you. sending bug hugs, hope you feel better
  • Hey sweetheart, I'm soo sorry that the witch found you, just think that you can get as pissed as you like over christmas, you WILL get your BFP soon and you'll have loads of fun doing it. TTC is a bitch, but keep up that lovely PMA, I know its there somewhere! SUPER ((((((HUGS))))))!!! xxx
  • Im so sorry that the evil witch got you, i had my fingers crossed for you this month. You will get your BFP i just know it. BIG hugs and i hope your able to enjoy a drinky over Christmas hun xx
  • Oh honey, im so sorry. Big Hugs. Like Stephy G says at least you can have a bucks fizz if you so wish this christmas time.

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