Who Had Very Faint Line? *UPDATE*

Hey All,

I have been TTC for over a year now, i have done numerous test as i am sure all of us have!

I have been spotting for the past 5 days, thought i was getting my monthly, which is very rare for me. Then last night i thought my tummy felt funny and that it was very bloated and i dont know what it was i just thought, 'im going to do a test' so i did and i have a very very faint line, i mean i can definately see it, now im trying very hard not to get too excited...Hubby is at work so im on my own going crazy! I have called my mum obviously and spoken to her, i just wanted to see how many of you that have got pregnant had a very feint first test? and how many had false readings?! Im trying so hard not to get my hopes up!

Look forward to your responses.


I have now done a CBD and it says PREGNANT 1-2!!!!!!! Im soooo happy! xxx

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  • hi i had quite a few v v faint tests last week these started about 4 days before AF was due. they gopt darker over the next few days. found asda ones to be the best! and i used a CBD on sat morning and pregnant 1-2 popped up. im now about 5 weeks and still in shock. god luck x
  • Thanks for the reply hun. Its nice to hear from other people, i am desperately trying not to get my hopes up. I am going to do another one in the morning and see what happens. I just hope this isn't all for nothing!

  • i used 2 free ones i got thru a website and they gave me a faint + on the tues afternoon. and i had 1 ebay cheapie left and thought id wait till morning and use it which i did and got BFN. was gutted really thought that was my dream gone. but bought some asda ones and it came up, it took a while but it was def there. fingers crossed for you. x
  • I have just caved and done another test, got the same result again, this time both hubby and i feel the line is slightly stronger. Fingers crossed, i will do more in the morning as well!

  • Best to use fmu at this stage hun as its the most concentrated!

    Let us know the result in the morn image
  • I think I read it in the FR instruction sheet but it said no matter how light the 2nd line is, it's a positive so I think congratulations are in order!!!!

    It should get darker as your hcg levels go higher so I would test again in a couple of days - I think you're due in January or early February?
  • Hiya bases,

    I bought some from wilkos yesterday, didnt realise they were one step and i used it around 1pm and i got a faint line, never knew whether to believe it or not, so doing another tomorrow with fmu.
    Coz i noticed same as you, my belly looks strange, i see a small bump like a bloated bump in the mornings when i usually am flat as a pancake until ive eaten breakfast.

    Hope its your BFP and for me too!!!! :\)

  • Well girls i have done a CBD this morning and lo and behold it said PREGNANT 1-2!!!!!! Im soooooo happy. After 14months of trying and my body being completely messed up from the pill, i have now finally got my BFP!!!!! Good luck to all you ladies and i really hope your all joining me in the Due forums!!!! xxxx
  • well done so pleased for you image x
  • Wohoooooooo!!!
    Congratulations hun!
  • Big congrats hun, see you in dij
  • Congrats sweetie, have a H&H 9 months xx
  • brilliant news :\) was hoping id see this post this morning. congratulations x
  • Thanks girls! Im still not really sure its sunk in! lol. We have been so used to the let downs and now we finally have our happy ending! yay! Good luck to all you girlies, hopefully you will be joining me soon! xx
  • Congratulations hun, so pleased for you nice to have a happy ending.

    Have a H&H 9 months

  • Great beginning to the next stage of your life! Congrats and hope you have a h&h 9 mths xx
  • Congratulations that is fab news x
  • OMG im so glad that faint line turned out to be a BFP. Congrats :\)

  • Thanks girls. I did have a panic today, i have some bleeding but apparently its more common than i thought in pregnancy. They couldnt find anything on the scan (not even bean but then its too early for that). They have taken bloods and i have to go back on wed for more than we will hopefully have a 100% all ok!

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