Your advice please.

Hi there. Im GC from TTC after MC. Im looking to find out if any of you ladies are using any herbs/vitamins to help you conceive. I was on the pill for 10years and stopped it in April. I fell pregnant straight away, but sadly MC at the start of July. My AF hasnt returned as yet. Unfortunately im running out of time as I am the grand old age of 40. Im looking for any advice you have that may speed up the process. I already have two lovely older sons(12, 15). Thanks so much, Tracy xx Ps, good luck to you all x


  • hiya tashelby, sorry to hear about your mc. i have been taking folic acid, and a boots evening primrose oil with other vitamins included. i think there vitamin b and a few others in there too to help with ewcm. i have been feeding my husband, zinc vit c, and vit b complex, all from boots aswell to give him super sperm lol. i no pregnacare is really good to, so if u have the money buy those if u can good luck xxxxxx
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