AF due today and no signs yet!!

Somebody help me step away from the poas!!!
AF due today usually comes as soon as i'm awake, yet today no signs of anything happening that points towards either AF being on her way or PG,
I've been thinking that we haven't done it this month...although we have been doing SMEP i had more symptoms last month!!
So i'm trying really hard not to poas yet as last months cycle was 28 days but the month before was 33 days so am just thinking cycle is being irregular again. oh, i had waiting!!!!!!
By the way i hope you have all had a nice xmas and happy new year to you all, sorry i haven't been around for a while, xmas is always so hetic!!


  • Hi Moschops,

    Happy New Year - sounds promising what day are you testing, I have my fingers crossed for you x
  • Happy New Year hun! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! How many DPO are you? Good Luck image xx
  • well, i'm about 14dpo, i haven't been using opks, as i think i could easily become obsessed, but did have some ov symptoms at the right time. thinking i will try to resist testing until weds when i will be cd33 which is my longest cycle length. just need to keep away from the hpts until then and just keep fingers crossed that AF doesn't arrive in the meantime!!
  • Only 5 more get ups til POAS :lol:

    Just remeber the longer you leave it the more likely you are to get a strong BFP!

    Fingers crossed for AF staying away so you can get a lovely strong line Weds morning!!

    Good luck and lots of babydust xx
  • Good luck for when you test! I will just say that I got my BFP this month about 5 days ago and I haven't had a sniffle of a symptom so no symptoms doesn't necessarily mean no BFP!

    Good luck and Happy new year! x
  • oooh fingers crossed for you mosschops...
  • Hi Mosschops,

    I waited till the longest cycle I had and then tested. Good idea, give it a try and crossing my fingers and toes for you xx
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