does anybody no if

hi girls just a quick question does anyone no if the cheap ovulation kits on ebay are any good or would i be better off buying a proper make and stop beening a tight ass!!lol!
luv clare


  • no idea im afraid, but ive seen alot of girls on here get OPKs from ebay? i really replyed to ask about ur name! my gosh do u have 5 children? and trying for another? if yes then wow! hats off to you hun! mad house! lol xxxxxxxx
  • Yep i do have a very noisy house but i love it ! This will be my last pg( ive said that before) and as i have 5 lovely boys a little girl would be wonderful thats why im going to try the ovulation test .
    luv clare
  • AAHHH i see. bless ! good luck for a pink bump! xxxxxxxxx
  • i got 2 days of positive opks last month but am using them alongside my new cbfm this month and I have high on cbfm but nothing on opks.
  • I got nothing on eBay sticks so I splashed out on fr ones. About ??30 for a month supply but I did get results which put my mind at rest.HTH
  • I found the e-bay sticcks worked really well for me, I only used them 3 months and got a BFP each time, 2 pregnancies ended badly but now 15 weeks with twins!! I also used the "sperm meets egg plan". Good luck xx
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