I think i am going to OV properly this month update opk pic

Ladys i have got myself a tad excited image I have just done an OPK and its the same colour as the control line image i dont usually get a line think this untill cd17/18 but today is CD11 image image image
I have slight pains, feeling a tad sick, spotty(more than a 13yr old) :lol: and lots of EWCM

I am really hoping losing the weight has help'd my cycles and i am going to ov very soon OH is not working his 2 earlys this week as we have a party at the weekend and i think i will be all go image image image




ok so i am sitting here with what feels like the worse af pains eva and so i done another opk


Friday i was ment to go get some :\) opk's as these are hard to read but i am only cd11 and not ment to ov for 7/8 days. Its darker than this morning what do u think
Sorry about pic camera batterys ran out x

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  • Great news! Lovely to hear of the pma! Enjoy all the bbing! Wishing you lots of luck xxx
  • thats good LW sorry to hear about m/c. After my mc in june i got af right ontime in june and got anouther bfp in aug so it happens hun (although it was also not ment to be)
    Hope you get your sticky BFP very soon x

    I am really thinking the weight loss has help'd as i have never ov'd early before image
    oooohhhh i want to BD now i am so excited :lol:
    dam OH at work till 11 image image image
  • WOOHOO! Great news gembags, hoping to get my positive OPK either today or tomorrow so hopefully we both get to go to DIN soon! xx
  • Ymummy no hopefully WE WILL BE IN DIN image image image
    PMA PMA PMA i'll share with everyone :lol: i dont mind :lol:

    Good Luck & happy BD lol image
  • I am all about the PMA this month. Told hubby that we ARE going to make a baby this month, no excuses!

    It's his 30th in November too, so this would such a fab birthday pressie!!

    Enjoy the BDing too :P
  • WOOO!!! Teehee, i laughed about the spots!! (i get them during AF)

    *HAVE FUN*

    x x x
  • Woooo hooo, good luck Gems, hope this is your lucky month. everything is crossed for you. xxxx

    ps - what does DIN stand for?

    V xxx
  • Due in November forum hun.

    Good luck Gem hope this month is your lucky month hun xx
  • yay! That sounds so lucky for you Gembags, it's gonna be your month! loving your 'go spermy go' btw, where did you get it? ive changed my avatar for some extra luck
  • it was on photo bucket. Love tink hope she is lucky. i have my lazy cat :lol:
  • Good luck for this month then Gembags! x
  • I think your cat is sooo cute and looks very relaxed. I only usually use the smiley opks but yours does look like a positive to me x
  • lol i was going to get some i thought i had a week before i OV
    now im stressing out :lol:
  • Hi Gembags

    I'm so exctied for you, lots and lots of luck. Hopefully we will all be in DIN this month.

    V xxx
  • looks like a positive result to me!

    Where do you get your OPKs from? I got mine from ebay and they haven't worked this month so assumed I hadn't OV'd, but temp has spiked this morning!
  • That looks positve Gem, I used these OPK's and never got a line as dark as the control line!! But got a BFP every month I used them!! Good luck xx
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