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What if I'm not ovulating?

Hello all,

A bit of advise needed please!

We have been trying for 5 months now (well, on month 5 now) with no success as yet, so I decided to take matters more seriously and proactive!

I have now been taking my BBT for over a month and my temperatures are really erratic. To add to this, I have been using ovulation sticks since day 10 (now on day 15 of a 29 day cycle) and according to I should be ovulating today - therefore the test should have picked the LH surge yesterday, shouldn't it? I have had all negatives on teh ovulation tets. Also, I dont' really know whats going on with my CM - I am not sure really how to check for it.

All this in mind, I don't know whether I have been ovualting (now been off the pill for 8 months). Does anyone know what I can do?

Have to say I am really scared and hope that I really am ovulating




  • Hi Mrs Bammy,

    Didn't want to read and run - I'm in the exact sitation as yourself... this is month 5 ttc.

    This month I've taken bbt and has been eratic, thought it might have been the thermometer (Braun digital ear one), so bought a digital mouth one from fertility website - hasn't helped still all over the place - take temp same time every morning!

    I've done ov tests, I'm the opposite, first 2 I had (+), following 3 I had (-) and last three (inculding today) have been (+). Albeit I've had these (+) I don't think I've ov!!

    With cm it is like a lotion for days running up to ov, then when you ov it should be sticky, looks like an egg white and if you put between fingers it should be stringy - I haven't had this at all!!!!

    When ov'ing your cervix should be high up (quite hard for you to reach with your finger) and soft, then the entrance to womb should feel open. Really you need to do regular checks to tell the difference in your own body!

    Do you normally have 29 days, or could it be that you might ov late and have a longer cycle??

    It is scary doing all these tests, i've seen some people on here being advised to do them and others not to!

    It's not easy this ttc business!!

    Rach xxx
  • Hi Rach, thanks for replying!

    It is all so confusing - but glad to know that I'm not the only one - the best thing about this site!

    Erm, I take my temp with a digital thermometer too usually around the same time (although a little later on a weekend!) but defo before I get up in a morning.

    As for CM - I have been trying to keep a check of it, but it's there, but as for EW, I don't have any of that, but never seem to remember having any of that.

    My cycles have been: 27, 28, 28, 28, 31, 29 - so an average of 29, so think I should have by now... if I was going to?!

    What ovulation sticks do you use? My hubby seems to think that it may be coz they were pretty cheap (from Access Diagnostics, but they say they are 99.8% accurate?)

    Can you do anything naturally to enhance ovulation?


  • Mrs Bammy - try not to worry about not getting the pos on OPK. It might be that you are either going to ov later than normal. Also, it is possible to miss the LH surge as it doesn't last that long and could happen in between your testing. You could go to gp though and get them to do a day 21 progesterone test to see if you have ov.

    Mrs F - sounds like you should get checked for PCOS as this can cause lots of pos opk results as your body keeps trying to ov but can't as an egg hasn't developed enough. I got pos on opk weekend before last (and had ewcm) but turns out I didn't actually manage to ov cos no increase in BBT.
    Are your af's regular?

    Our bodies are so confusing. Am starting to think it's a miracle that anyone manages to get pregnant/stay pregnant!! xxx
  • Hi Mrs Bammy, you're definitely not alone.

    I also don't think I'm ovulating. I came off pill in Jan and have been charting temps since then. I've only had one AF during this time and i'm pretty sure i didn't ovulate that month as there was no thermal shift. I had 2 bouts of ewcm during that 52-day cycle though, but they didn't tie in with either a thermal shift or a luteal phase - i.e they were not 12-16 days before the AF arrived. soooo, I'm now on day 39 of 2nd cycle and no thermal shift, no ewcm at all this cycle and fed up!

    Oh also I've been taking agnus castus since halfway through the first cycle to help regulate (no evidence of anything working though) and EPO to increase ewcm but haven't had any in about 6 weeks image

    I think the fact your cycles are always around the 28 day length is a good sign that you may be ovulating though.

    Maybe you could try taking AC and EPO to help stimulate ovulation and increase your ewcm?
  • Sorry! it is Evening Primrose Oil. xxx
  • Ohh is that suppose to help? what does it do. I could easily start taking that. I'm thinking of getting some angus castus for next month as I dont seem to be OV at all !!
  • I know how you feel! I've been taking agnus castus for about 6 weeks but it hasn't helped ... yet!

    The Evening Primrose Oil is to increase ewcm so worth taking too perhaps?
  • Well I dont suppose it will hurt so I might aswell get some. I might get some angus castus while I'm there. Am I right in thinking you just take the AC from your first day of your period until about day 14? (half way in the cycle)

  • yes you shouldn't take it or the EPO if you are pregnant so it is advised you stop taking it once you've ovulated just in case. If you know when that has occurred (e.g. if you're tracking your temperatures or charting cm or something?) then stop then, if you're not sure it is sensible to stop taking it after day 14. If you can (and I realise this is not an option for everyone) try to take it right through for one whole cycle and not try during that cycle then up to the ovulation of your next cycle. I did this simply becuase my husband was away for 2 weeks and I knew i hadn't ovulated before he left and i got my AF before he returned. But as I say i'm now on CD 39 of my second cycle so it doesn't seem that it has helped at all. poooooooo!!
  • Ladies - just to let you know that the month I fell pregnant I didn't ovulate until day 21 on a 29 day cycle - so don't give up if you don't get a + on an ov stick yet - you may just be ovulating later than the 'usual ' day 14/15!

    Also - I never got EW cm visually anyway. My gynae said that its always there but sometimes not prolific enough to come out of the cevix. I used pre-seed lubrication to aid the little swimmers - and obviously it worked!

    Also highly recommend agnus castus and evening primrose oil.

    Good luck x
  • Hi all,

    Soooo, sooooo, many thanks for replying to my thread - I was so worried!!

    Just a bit of an update - I've just done an ovulation stick and there is a second line - it's defo fainter, but it's there! Does that mean that I'm nearly ovulating? Should it show dark tomorrow?!


  • sounds promising. sorry i've never used ov sticks though so i don't know how they work. good luck though & throwing lots of baby dust your way!
  • Hi - it shows that you're starting your lh surge!

    You will be fertile for 12 to 36 hours between the beginning of the lh surge and the moment your egg is released - so get bding!! x
  • Hee hee, yeah!!!

    Come on girls, shake your baby dust this way!!!

    Thanks girls


  • hi every1

    i have been readin up on this

    i am having the same problem as i have been tryin to concieve for the last 11 months nw.

    be4 i had the implant put in and that made my periods mess up i would bleed for 3 months then ave a week off then i got it taken out as was messing my periods up and we wanted another one.

    for the last 2-3 months i ave been using ovulation kits taken all the vitiams.

    i have problem as my period if u call it that comes between a week or 1 day early and lasted for 2-3 days but it not a proper bleed. as my periods used be on time and last 4 5 days n b heavy.

    i dont know wat 2 do as docs taken blood nw n they put it dwn 2 usual ( nt very helpfull docs sme them )

  • Hi,

    I've been off pill for 2 years ttc and found that it took 8 months for period to come back. I luckily got referred to hospital and have had lots of tests done in last year. I now have 28 or 29 day cycles and have had bloods taken showing not ovulating, give clomid still no ov, just had hsg and all clear so going back on clomid for 6 months ok higher dosage. Also I dos cmfm for 2 months and it stated that I ov on day 20/21 although my dr thinks this is wrong 'blood gets don't lie' but as I tried to explain it all depends on when bloods taken, normal day 21 blood will be negative!! I have been taking vit b6 this month so hopefully will extend my cycle if I am ov day 21 as I've been told that need 9 days between ov and next af for pregnancy to stay.

    I would definately get referred by your dr but you need to have been trying fo 12 months for them to help.

    I've never done temp as I do shift work so am all over the place with times I get up. Any ideas if I could get around this??

    Glad there's a few of us who are in similar situation. I get really disheartened when I see op ost people doing there 2ww and I can't as still don't seem to ovulate!!

    Good luck everyone x
  • hi there my name is nicole im nto to sure if i am  ovulating propberly at all just wondering i got the kit and came up one line just wonder is there anything that can help me get pregnant

  • ive been worrying about the same thing this month. had mc in may and worried it has stopped me ovulating. did opks fromday ten and got a faint second line from day twelve to fifteen and then it got darker from day sixteen to eighteen (but not as dark as control line) and then i got faint second line for a few more days . i always test first wee of the morning so its not diluted . on the days were the line for was darker i did get more clear cm. so not really sure if i ovulated? or not
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