FAO Socks

Hi Socks

I am sure you said today is the day that you are able to have an early scan. I really hope that all is okay (keeping absolutely everything crossed and sending really positve thoughts).

Am not sure if you remember but I replied to your previous thread as i had heavy bleeding in first 2 pg's and had to have scans at 6 weeks to check all was okay. It's awful waiting to find out - you feel like your heart is in your mouth but I so hope all is okay.


  • Thank you for your message. Unfortunately it is gone. I feel so sick and upset. It is such a horrible feeling. I am bleeding again as well about an hour after I came out of the doctors and this time it does hurt. I am just worn out by all this. The support on here has been fantastic though I can't thank everyonie enough xx
  • Hi Socks

    I replied to your other thread as well - I am just so, so sorry. I know things must be unbelievably hard at the moment for you both. I'm really sad to hear that the bleeding has started again - life really doesn't seem very fair sometimes.
    Take time to grieve - I hope you start to feel a bit better over the coming days.
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