FAO ShoeGal82

Hiya! Just wanted to say welcome to this side of the pond, good luck with it all and the move etc, and hope you catch soon! We are testing around the 27th, fingers crossed!! I feel different but hopefully it's not just all in my head lol! xx


  • Thanks! I hope we do too! I shall keep my fingers crossed for you around the 27th and it isn't just in your head!! The move went ok but still got the unpacking to do tonight. We are getting more organised now and it feels good! xx



  • Hi, glad to know that you are getting settled in. Good Luck with the ovulating etc etc, I have done another calculation and it might be due 24th, so we are thinking we might test on Sunday morning? I just to need to know if we are or not, then we can carry on relaxing and everything! x
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